TV historian David Starkey launches second broadside against Scotland

SNOOTY telly historian David Starkey has launched another bitter rant against Scotland.

The arrogant academic said devolution had turned Scotland into a "medieval" nation more obsessed with itself than the outside world...

... In his latest interview, he defended the earlier slur.

He said: "I would say that Scotland's decisions with the Libyan bomber confirms everything I said about them.

"If you want to see what happens when a country becomes 'little', when you have a government that wouldn't make county councillors in England and a minister of justice that is an underemployed solicitor - that's what you get.

"Scotland's greatness took place not in medieval history, when it was a catastrophe of a place, but in its long, long association with England and Britain.

"It has become exactly like medieval Scotland - the clannishness, the introversion."

Culture minister Mike Russell described Starkey's comments as "unfortunate and silly".

He added: "We would be delighted to welcome Dr Starkey to Scotland, so that he can discover the truth about our country...

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