Zelizer: State of the Union not a game changer

...Professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University, Julian Zelizer, said voters would appreciate the President being frank about his political setbacks.

"I do think people like that aspect of him. He's very direct, he's honest about the problems he faces and about what he wants to do and his aspirations," he said.

Professor Zelizer said Mr Obama's speech was "solid" but not remarkable.

"It wasn't a stunning speech," he said.

"It went on too long and there were so many things in it. I think people will pick and choose one or two items but I don't think it'll have a long-term effect.

And Professor Zelizer does not believe the speech will allow the President to take back control of the political agenda.

"One of the remarkable things historically is these [State of the Union speeches] have very little effect - at most a few days," he said.

"There are very few speeches that have really been "game changers" as they say, most are unremarkable and most don't have a big effect.

"So, my guess is this will not change the dynamics in Washington. I suspect a week from now we'll be where we were yesterday and two days ago."...

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