Jewish group, Md. reach deal on future claims of Torah rescuer

A Jewish nonprofit group whose leader was accused of fabricating dramatic stories about rescued Torahs has reached a deal with Maryland investigators forbidding it from publicizing such stories about sacred scrolls unless it can prove them.

The agreement ends an investigation into the Rockville-based Save a Torah and its driving force, Rabbi Menachem Youlus, often described as "The Indiana Jones of Torah Scribes."

The probe followed a January Washington Post Magazine article that raised questions about Youlus's stories of rescuing Torahs hidden, lost or stolen during the Holocaust. In one story, Youlus claimed to have found a Torah hidden under the floorboards of a German concentration camp barracks years after the buildings had been demolished. In another, he described digging up a mass grave in the Ukraine and finding a Torah wrapped in a "Gestapo body bag."...

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