On-Again, Off-Again Neo-Nazi Jacques Pluss is On Again

The last time we met Jacques Pluss, a former history professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University who was fired after his ties to neo-Nazism surfaced in 2005, he was in the midst of a serious identity crisis. One minute, he was an avowed white supremacist proudly standing behind his statements, only to claim in the next that he was an academic sleuth infiltrating the world of racists.

That debate was apparently settled this week when the New Jersey State Police arrested Pluss, 57, on charges he threatened Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). Police began looking at Pluss after the ADL gave them E-mails Foxman had received from Pluss, who was charged with intimidation, harassment, weapons possession and contempt of a judicial order on Wednesday. He was held at the Bergen County Jail before being released on a $25,000 bail....

In the end, it was impossible to know whether Pluss was the type of racist who waffled on his convictions, if he was a split personality, or maybe both. Pluss’ own public statements only made the nature of his racism murkier. Six months after making his mea culpa, he told George Mason University’s History News Network that his confession was a lie, and that he really was a devotee of neo-Nazism and an active member of the NSM. At the time, he also claimed to run the American branch of “Stille Hilfe” (Silent Help), a group that set up after World War II to clandestinely help Nazis escape prosecution for war crimes. There is no evidence that Silent Help really exists or is active in the United States today.

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