India's other great monument to love

CHANDRAPUR: This Valentine's Day saw a unique commemoration, which for the first time brought public recognition to Veershah's mausoleum. The monument symbolises the eternal love of Gond queen Rani Hirai for her husband Raja Veershah.

Dozens of youths guided by social organisation Eco-Pro thronged the monument in the graveyard of the Gond dynasty on Valentine's Day and paid tributes at the majestic memorial of love. Built in early 18th century, this is the only memorial known to be built by a queen as a tribute to her loving husband....

Professor of history Viday Vaidya explained that Rani Hirai is a symbol of ideal love. "By building the mausoleum of her husband, she immortalised her love for her husband. It is the only monument any queen has built in memory of her husband," she said. Vaidya stressed that youths should follow the ideals in Indian history instead of running blindly after western Valentine's Day traditions. Bandu Dhotre said that the programme was organised at this monument of love to give a better direction to the youths spoiling Indian culture through crude Valentine's Day celebrations.

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