Historian says there is Something Unique about Cardinal Fans

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) –A local historian says there is no other fan in the nation like a Cardinal fan — and he says the reason is KMOX Radio.

University of Missouri St. Louis Professor of History Emeritus Chuck Korr says Cardinal fans were created decades ago by the Cardinal’s Radio network at a time when there was no other Major League Baseball team south or west of St. Louis.

“You talk to anybody over 40 who’s a Cardinal’s fan and he’ll tell you it’s because of KMOX Radio,” Korr said, “But even today before a Cardinals game, go to the parking lot and count how many states the license plates are from.”

Following the play-by-play from a signal that bounces into 40 states on a clear night, Cardinal fans developed a multi-generational loyalty for their team....

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