On Other Websites: Week of May 2, 2011


#1  Philip Zelikow: Bin Laden Killing Buries the Trauma of 9/11

#2  Joan Waugh: How the "Lost Cause" Poisoned Our History Books

#3  Eric Foner: Why the North Fought the Civil War

#4  Saul Cornell: New Originalism: A Constitutional Scam

#5  Adam Curtis: For 10 years, Osama bin Laden Filled a Gap Left by the Soviet Union. Who Will Be the Baddie Now?

#6  Juan Cole: Obama Right Not to Release Usama Photo

#7  Richard Bulliet: The Death of an Icon

#8  Sean Wilentz: Could Osama bin Laden’s Demise Loosen the Grip Paranoid Politics Has on America?

#9  Nicholas Soames: Sweat and Tears Made Winston Churchill's Name

#10  Megan McArdle: Anatomy of a Fake MLK Quotation

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