On Other Websites: Week of December 5, 2012

  • Simon Schama: Why America Should Care About the Collapse of European Unity
  • Adam Hochschild: What Gingrich Didn’t Learn in Congo
  • Benjamin Soskis: How Pundits are Misreading Obama's Speech—and Teddy Roosevelt's
  • Michael Kazin: Why a Gingrich vs. Obama Matchup Would Be Good For the Country
  • Walter Russell Mead: Mission Sort of Accomplished in Iraq
  • Steven F. Hayward: Is Newt Like Churchill?
  • Arthur Herman: A New Pearl Harbor?
  • Paul R Pillar: Debasing Nazism
  • Craig Shirley: Five Myths About Pearl Harbor
  • Robert J. Samuelson: The Welfare State's Reckoning

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