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HNN’s Teacher’s Edition: Grades 9-12 is designed to help busy high school teachers build classes around topics in the news. With just a few minutes preparation, you'll be able to teach a class on current events, even if you haven't been in a position to follow the news closely.

Our ten-year record as a credible news source cited by the New York Times, the Atlantic and other major publications gives you the assurance your lessons are grounded in objective facts.

The lesson plans we offer have been designed by veteran educators with long years of actual classroom experience. You can read about them by clicking here.

We offer two new lesson plans every month during the academic year.

Our package of materials features the lesson plan, audio-visual materials, and a backgrounder that lays out the basic facts teachers need to know.

Each backgrounder includes: 

  • Summary of the topic 
  • Review of the positions of the Left and the Right 
  • Historical background  
  • Readings for both students and teachers 
  • Anecdotes

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