On Other Websites: Week of January 9, 2012

  • Gil Troy: Not Set in Granite
  • B. R. Myers: Dynasty, North Korean-Style
  • Philip Zelikow: Obama's Foreign Policy is Reminiscent of Eisenhower’s
  • Burton Folsom, Jr. and Anita Folsom: Washington Shouldn't Be Responsible for Infrastructure
  • Rick Perlstein: Santorum's 'Freedom' is Pretty Much Slavery
  • Richard Vinen: Britain Needs to Forgive and Forget the Iron Lady
  • Jane Burbank and Frederick Cooper: How Empire Ruled the World
  • Geoffrey Kabaservice: “Moderate” is an Obscenity for Conservatives
  • Max Boot: Overspending the Peace Dividend
  • Jonathan M. Hansen: Give Guantánamo Back to Cuba

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