On Other Websites ... Week of February 6, 2012

  • Elizabeth Tandy Shermer: The Long War Between the States (for Business)
  • Niall Ferguson: Israel and Iran on the Eve of Destruction in a New Six-Day War
  • Rick Perlstein: What Mitt Romney Learned From His Dad
  • Simon Schama: Dickens Made Masterpieces Out of Modern Cruelties
  • Susana Ferreira: The Rebranding of 'Baby Doc' Duvalier
  • Judith Stein: Where Recessions Don't Matter -- At the Fed
  • Thomas J. Sugrue: Saul Alinsky -- The Activist Who Terrifies the Right
  • Andrew Roberts: How the Queen Saved and Soothed Britain
  • Mark N. Katz: The Moscow-Damascus Alliance: A Tangled Tale
  • Paul Bew: What Did Churchill Really Think About Ireland?

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