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Commentary: Historians

  • J. Stanley Lemons: Review of John M. Barry's "Roger Williams and the Creation of the American Soul: Church, State and the Birth of Liberty" (Viking Press, 2012) (1-14-12)
  • Kenneth C. Davis: Why the U.S. is Not a Christian Nation (7-4-11)
  • Thomas S. Kidd: What Did Jefferson Mean By "Wall of Separation"? (10-31-10)
  • Harvey Wasserman: The Fundamentalist Attack on Separation of Church and State Defames America and Its Founders (10-31-10)
  • Jon Butler: Does the First Amendment Separate Church and State? (10-24-10)
  • Live Q&A With Thomas S. Kidd (10-13-10)
  • Thomas S. Kidd: The Founding Fathers Would Be Shocked at Our Religious Ignorance (10-4-10)
  • Steven Conn: The "Wall of Separation" Has Preserved Religion -- Including Mormonism (12-16-07)
  • Larry Schweikart: Did You Know that Half the Declaration's Signers Had Divinity School Training (5-30-05)
  • Rick Shenkman: An Interview with Jon Butler ... Was America Founded as a Christian Nation? (12-19-04)

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