On Other Websites: Week of February 27, 2012

  • Craig Timberg and Daniel Halperin: Co­lo­ni­al­ism in Africa Helped Launch the HIV Epidemic a Century Ago
  • Jon Gertner: True Innovation at Bell Labs
  • Rick Perlstein: Reagan's Attacks On Carter's Embrace of "Big Government" Were B.S.
  • Victor Davis Hanson: History Never Quite Ends ... Whatever Else Changes, Human Nature Does Not
  • Jeffrey Herf: Why Won’t Obama Speak Frankly About Iran?
  • Ross Douthat: The Greatness of Ike
  • Tom Engelhardt and Nick Turse: The End in Afghanistan
  • Simon Jenkins: We Are Fighting Islamism From Ignorance, As We Did the Cold War
  • James Romm: Greeks Today Might Ask ... What Would Pericles Do?
  • Jonathan Zimmerman: Murder in a Time of Bigotry

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