Week of April 16, 2012

Up Front

Highlights from the 2012 OAH Annual Meeting in Milwaukee

David A. Walsh

Updated OAH/NCPH 2012 Sessions List (Now with Room Numbers!)

Twitter Details for OAH/NCPH 2012

History on TV ... This Week

Stephanie Piantanida


HNN Community Poll

HNN Face/Off

Tim Weiner's Enemies Wears Its Anti-FBI Agenda on Its Sleeve
Susan Rosenfeld

What Susan Rosenfeld Gets Wrong About Enemies

Tim Weiner

News at Home

Channelling George Washington: Obamacare -- The Monster Law

Thomas Fleming

Child Rearing and the American Future (Let the "Hunger Games" Begin!)
James E. Block

Beware the Education-Industrial Complex

Alan Singer

George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin, and Me
James Loewen

Vice Presidential Nominees Must Be Plausible as President

Joel K. Goldstein

News Abroad

What History Should Teach Us About Blockading Iran

Juan Cole

Culture Watch

Editor's Desk: Mad Men: The Decline and Fall of Peter Campbell

The Soap Myth Does Not Cleanse the Nazis or Holocaust
Bruce Chadwick

Will Ozzie Guillén Go the Same Way as Al Campanis?

Murray Polner

Where are History Plays Born? Interview with History Playwright Alex Borinksy

Bruce Chadwick


Review of Thomas Fleming's Liberty Tavern

Jonathan Carriel

Review of John Paton Davies, Jr.'s China Hand: An Autobiography

Murray Polner


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