On Other Websites: Week of April 23, 2012

  • Christopher Layne: The Global Power Shift from West to East
  • Conrad Black: Obama’s No FDR ... FDR’s Policies Revitalized America
  • Geraldo L. Cadava: Arizona Shows What Not to Do
  • Alice Kessler-Harris: Lillian Hellman's Convictions
  • Michael Kazin: Obama, a European Socialist? I Wish!
  • George Monbiot: Deny the British Empire's Crimes? No, We Ignore Them
  • Julian Zelizer: Campaign Rhetoric May Tie Next President's Hands
  • Barbara Zollner: An Islamic State in Egypt? The Muslim Brotherhood and the Presidential Elections
  • Steve Fraser and Joshua B. Freeman: Prison Labor as the Past -- and Future -- of American “Free-Market” Capitalism
  • Victor Davis Hanson: Obama's Undiplomacy

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