Week of May 7, 2012

Up Front


On Islam, Romney Doesn't Have the Slightest Idea What He's Talking About
Juan Cole

News at Home

How Mormon History Has Shaped Mitt Romney
Daniel J. Herman

Occupy Activists Resurrect May Day for Americans 
Peter Dreier

News Abroad

Protests Over Housing Inequality Have a Long History in Israel
Yfaat Weiss

No More Victory Days?
Joseph E. Persico

Historians & History

Republicans, Mormons, and Jews: The Unlikely 1940s Alliance That Reshaped U.S. Mideast Policy
Rafael Medoff

David Barton’s Jefferson
Martin E. Marty

CNN's Conspiracy Bias in the Robert F. Kennedy Assassination
Mel Ayton

I Did It My Way—By Accident: Lessons from an Unconventional Career
Ray Smock

How Did TV Remember the '92 L.A. Riots?
Jill A. Edy

Culture Watch

The Long Shadow of History Falls Over Copenhagen and the Race for the Atomic Bomb in World War II
Bruce Chadwick

1960s Midwest Drama Burns Slowly on Stage
Bruce Chadwick

Death in the End Zone: NFL Concussion Crisis Play Packs Wallop
Bruce Chadwick


Review of Patricia Cohen's In Our Prime: The Invention of Middle Age
Jim Cullen

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