On Other Websites: Week of April 30, 2012

  • Gil Troy: Culture Warriors Don’t Win
  • Niall Ferguson: How Africa Is Primed for Economic Take Off
  • Max Holland: New Questions About Deep Throat
  • Adam Arenson: Stonewall Jackson's Arm Lies Here
  • Thai Jones: The First of May
  • Todd Gitlin: How Occupy's Year of Transformation Compares t o the Revolutions of 1848 and 1968
  • William Shawcross: Murdoch Has Been the Bravest Media Owner in Britain in the Last 40 Years
  • Christoph Gunkel: The Good Göring ... How a Top Nazi's Brother Saved Lives
  • Jose A. Rodriguez: The Path to bin Laden’s Death Didn’t Start with Obama
  • Donald Sassoon: To Understand This Crisis We Can Look to the Long Depression Too

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