On Other Websites: Week of May 21, 2012

  • Trygve Throntveit: Obama and the New Freedom
  • Victor Davis Hanson: The Power of Cool
  • Roderick MacFarquhar: In China, Fear at the Top
  • Andrew Roberts: Europe’s Hubristic Imperial Overstretch
  • Jonathan Zimmerman: Warren’s Choice on Race
  • Frank Bruni: Second Acts for First Ladies
  • David Makovsky and Olivia Holt-Ivry: Why Are Israeli Generals So Often Overruled?
  • Clare Morgana Gillis: The End of History in the New Libya
  • Clive Crook: The Seeds of the EU’s Crisis Were Sown 60 Years Ago
  • Lee Ruddin: The Anglo-American (Intelligence-Sharing) Relationship in the War Against Islamist Terrorism

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