On Other Websites: Week of May 28, 2012

  • David Grann: The Yankee Comandante -- A Story of Love, Revolution, and Betrayal
  • Simon Schama: Celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee
  • Julian Zelizer: How Political Ads Can Elect a President
  • Conrad Black: The "End of History" was a Sobering Farce
  • John Nagl: Does Military Service Still Matter for the Presidency?
  • Asher Kaufman: Only Russia, China Can Stop Carnage in Syria
  • Richard J. Evans: The Death of Celebrity Historians is Much Exaggerated
  • Juan Cole: For Egypt in 2012, Read the United States in ’60s?
  • Nancy Gibbs: President, to President, to President ... POTUS' Best Confidant May Be His Predecessors
  • Jeffrey Lord: JFK and the Death of Liberalism

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