On Other Websites: Week of June 11, 2012

  • Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein: 40 years after Watergate, Nixon was Far Worse than We Thought
  • David Greenberg: The Watergate Wars Just Ended
  • R.M. Douglas: The European Atrocity You Never Heard About
  • Peter Oborne: Remembering Enoch Powell A Century After His Birth
  • Max Holland: What Director Alan Pakula’s Papers Reveal About Watergate
  • Niall Ferguson and Nouriel Roubini: Berlin is Ignoring the Lessons of the 1930s
  • Charles S. Maier: Europe Needs a German Marshall Plan
  • Jacob Heilbrunn: Should A Second Term Obama Imitate Reagan?
  • Ted Widmer: Reagan at the Wall
  • Conrad Black: The War on Nixon

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