On Other Websites: Week of August 20, 2012

  • Lien-Hang Nguyen: Exploding the Myths About Vietnam
  • Julian Zelizer: In Republican and Democratic National Conventions, Speeches Make History
  • Vanessa Heggie: 'Legitimate Rape' – A Medieval Medical Concept
  • Nicholas B. Dirks: Scholars, Spies, and Global Studies
  • David Pilling: Japan, China and Their ‘History Problem’
  • Pierre Manent: How the West Created Modernity
  • Michael Kazin: Fight the System, but Know How to Make It Work
  • Thomas A. Foster: Rep. Todd Akin's Ideas About Rape Hark Back to the Colonial Era
  • Richard Rothstein and Mark Santow: The Cost of Living Apart
  • Ray Takeyh: The Origins of Iran's Bellicosity

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