On Other Websites: Week of September 24, 2012

  • Douglas E. Schoen: The 10 Best Presidents
  • Thomas V. DiBacco: Presidential Debates ... Shake Hands and Come Out Acting
  • Andrew Sullivan: President Obama: The Democrats' Ronald Reagan
  • Michael Kazin: Which U.S. President Does Romney Most Resemble? (Hint: It’s Not a Republican)
  • Robert Skidelsky: Small Wars Can Down Big Countries, World Affairs Teach Us
  • Wilfred McClay: The Tocquevillean Moment ... and Ours
  • Victor Davis Hanson: Election, 1980-Style
  • Jeffrey Wasserstrom: One Country, Many Voices
  • Allen Guelzo: How Lincoln Saved the 'Central Idea' of America
  • What 100 Years of Voting Looks Like [VIDEO]

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