Week of November 12, 2012

Up Front

The Arab Reading of the Petraeus/Allen Affair
Juan Cole

Jill Kelley, who sparked the scandal, is Gilberte Khawam, a Lebanese woman.

After the Election, Reaping the Climate Change Whirlwind
Tom Engelhardt

Even under Obama, we'll continue to fiddle while the burns.

The “Fiscal Cliff” and THE SCANDAL
Ira Chernus's MythicAmerica

Good luck trying to knock Petraeus off of the front page.


HNN Special: Recasting Presidential History

"Recasting Presidential History": A Trans-Disciplinary Approach to the Office and the Presidents
David Austin Walsh

The University of Virginia's Miller Center hosted.

David Greenberg on the State of Presidential History

A field long out of fashion is undergoing a renaissance.

William Hitchcock: Was Ike Really a "Moderate Republican"?

Probably not.

Cathie Jo Martin: Europe Has *Less* Government Regulation than America

It all comes down to counterintuitive choices the business classes in Europe made at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Brian Balogh: Advice for Aspiring Presidential Historians

Keep in mind the future of presidential history is a fusion of political/social/cultural history.


Obama vs. Boehner: Who is the True Jeffersonian?
Ira Chernus's MythicAmerica

The metropolis of government vs. the metropoles of big business.

The Shape of Politics to Come
Steve Hochstadt

A permanent Democratic majority?

Veterans Day

This Veterans Day, Beware the Dangers of Robot War
William Astore

Drone technology is both overhyped and misunderstood.

Remembering the Code Talkers
Jeffrey S. Reznick

The passing of Navajo code talker George Smith last month gives us pause.

A Salute to the U.S. Army
D.M. Giangreco

Remembering the veterans on Veterans Day.

A Spirit, Unbroken
Kinue Tokudome

Interview with bestselling author Laura Hillenbrand on her 2010 book.

News at Home

Reclaiming Our Coasts and Shorelines
John R. Gillis

Hurricane Sandy should inspire new ways of building and living on the seashore

Election 2012

 Video Chat with HNN Blogger Ira Chernus
David Austin Walsh

What happens now?

Another Election Year, Another Catastrophe in Florida
John Willingham

At least it didn't determine the outcome this year.

News Abroad

Beyond Bayonets and Battleships
Alfred W. McCoy

Space warfare and the future of U.S. global power.

Israel Can Curb a Nuclear Iran
Louis René Beres

But it may require an end to its nuclear ambiguity.

Historians & History

The Bretton Woods Transcripts, Hiding in Plain Sight
Kurt Schuler

How I "found" an unused (but not unknown) transcript of Bretton Woods.

Jacques Barzun: A Legacy of Passion
Kelsey McKernie

It's a cliche, but it's true: we really won't see a scholar like Barzun again.

The Ultimate What-If: What If the Cuban Missile Crisis Sparked Nuclear War?
Eric G. Swedin

It probably wouldn't have meant the end of the Unitd States ... but forget about Europe and Russia.

Culture Watch

Trying to Make a Hero of Henry Wallace
Ronald Radosh

Oliver Stone's recycled leftist history.


At Long Last, Something Involving a Sandy that Isn't a Hurricane
Bruce Chadwick

Little Orphan Annie returns to Broadway in a triumphant revival.


Review of Peter Ames Carlin's Bruce
Jim Cullen

The Boss as a Woody Guthrie-esque troubadour.

Review of Insider Histories of the Vietnam Era Underground Press, edited by Ken Wachsberger
Murray Polner

Underground media proliferated everywhere.


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