Week of November 19, 2012

Up Front

How True is Lincoln?
David O. Stewart

It's surprisingly accurate.

HNN Hot Topics: Thanksgiving

Just how true are the old myths? (The answer: Not very.)


Class: The Missing Link in the Story of Election 2012
Ira Chernus's MythicAmerica

The Democrats risk losing the next election unless the narrative of the election is about class.

Petraeus's Tragedy
Josh Brown's Life During Wartime

"No room for my Merit Badges!"

Google Questions

How Many Women Have Served in Congress?
Mariana Villa

Short answer: 277, nearly a third of whom are currently serving.

News Abroad

The March of Scandal from Pericles to Petraeus
Barry Strauss

There's nothing new about a powerful man being brought down by sex.

Turkey's Islamist Turn, Ten Years Later
Daniel Pipes

Erdoğan is undoing the work of Atatürk.

Facing Another Kind of Cliff
Louis René Beres

Obama and the future of U.S. strategic doctrine.

Historians & History

Remember: Those Notorious Anti-Semitic "Protocols" are Fiction!
Vaughn Davis Bornet

They continue to be an anti-Semitic canard.

Channelling the Spirit of 1800 This Post-Election Season
Michael Austin

Can we become friends like Adams or Jefferson, or will we stay enemies like Hamilton and Burr?

Culture Watch

Daniel Day-Lewis's Abe Lincoln: (Racial) Trailblazer
Jim Cullen

His Lincoln is a (racial) frontiersman in the spirit of John Wayne.

You Can’t Lose with Little Kids, Dogs or Dick Nixon
Bruce Chadwick

Checkers at New York's Vineyard Theater.

A Little Fire and Brimstone
Bruce Chadwick

And a lot of Aimee Semple McPherson in this Roaring Twenties musical

Dickens's "Drood" is a Winner
Bruce Chadwick

A veritable carnival of nineteenth-century skits and spoofs.



Review of Marguerite Bouvard's The Invisible Wounds of War
Murray Polner
A solid look at the trauma of veterans.


Review of Rape: Weapon of War and Genocide, edited by John K. Roth and Carol Rittner
Patrick Henry

Not easy reading, but necessary.


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