On Other Websites: Week of November 12, 2012

  • Steven Hahn: Political Racism in the Age of Obama
  • Thomas K. McCraw: Mr. Hamilton’s Growth Strategy
  • Kate Masur: In Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln,’ Passive Black Characters
  • Michael Trimble: The Evolutionary and Social History of Crying
  • Con Coughlin: Petraeus Affair ... All the Presidential Men
  • Willy Lam: Why China's Reforms Have Hit a Brick Wall
  • Julian Zelizer: How Progress is Possible in Obama's Second Term
  • Dominic Sandbrook: Echoes of the 30s Across Europe
  • Chauncey DeVega: Dear Angry White Conservatives: Chill Out
  • Christian Caryl: Is Bashar al-Assad Syria’s Abraham Lincoln?

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