Magee Historian Sheds New Light on Plantation of Ulster

University of Ulster academic has helped shed new light on the Ulster Plantation and how it shaped identity in Ulster, Ireland and beyond.

The Magee based historian, Dr Éamonn Ó Ciardha is co-editor of ‘The Plantation of Ulster Ideology and Practice’, a collection of essays that make up the first major academic study of the Ulster Plantation in over 25 years. 

Dr Ó Ciardha is a senior lecturer in Irish History and internationally recognised as a leading authority on early modern Irish History and Literature. He described the collection as a ‘who’s who’ of early modern Irish history and literature and said it offers an important redress in terms of previous coverage of the plantation.

“The essays are by leading scholars in the field and cover a broad range of historical and literary topics, moving away from an exclusive colonial perspective to include the native Irish perspective.”...

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