Week of February 11, 2013


The Feminine Mystique 50 Years On [NYT Video Debate]
Stephanie Coontz
Discussing the anniversary of the seminal work with columnist Gail Collins.
The Boy Scouts Shouldn't Force Every Troop to Admit Gays
Steve Hochstadt
Nor should they force every troop to ban gays -- each troop should make its own decision.
The State of the Union and the State of the "Homeland"
Ira Chernus's MythicAmerica
Why the hit TV show is better theater than President Obama.
Ed Koch, Pat Moynihan, and the Politics of Patriotic Indignation
Gil Troy
Sometimes anger is the rational response to challenges -- and can certainly pay off politically.

News at Home

Fracking Could Release Radiation from Old Nuclear Tests
Scott Kaufman
The potentially deadly legacy of "peaceful nuclear explosions."
Why Philanthropy Matters
Zoltan J. Acs
It's what invigorates American-style capitalism.

News Abroad

Which Other Popes Have Resigned?
David Austin Walsh
At least three -- and possibly five -- pontiffs have resigned; the most recent was six hundred years ago.
The Next Pope: What Happens Now?
Charles Keenan
There are currently 118 cardinals eligible to vote for the new pope -- the Vatican predicts an election in time for Easter
Will Washington Ever Learn from Its Past Mistakes? Not Likely.
Tom Engelhardt
Why the CIA's drone base in Saudi Arabia is a very bad idea.
Is Turkey Leaving the West?
Daniel Pipes
All signs point to yes.

Historians & History

Picturing James Baldwin in Exile
Robin Lindley
An interview with photographer and Baldwin confidante Sedat Pakay.
In Memoriam: Alfred F. Young
Gary B. Nash
He was one of the pioneers in bottom-up history.
Confronting the Ugly Truth about America's Dirty War in Vietnam
William J. Astore
A Vietnam memorial dedicated to civilian casualties would require fifty walls.

Culture Watch

Let's Put a Smile on that Face
Bruce Chadwick
A trip back in cinematic history with The Man Who Laughs, on stage now in New York.


Review of Marjorie Heins’s Priests of Our Democracy
Andrew Feffer
A sobering reminder that challenges to academic freedom can come from within the academy.
Review of Joshua Bloom and Waldo E. Martin Jr.'s Black Against Empire
Jeremy Kuzmarov
A new work that contextualizes the Panthers as anti-imperialists.

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