On Other Websites: Week of June 10, 2013

  • David M. Anderson: Atoning for the Sins of the British Empire
  • Timothy Stanley: The British Must Not Rewrite the History of the Mau Mau Revolt
  • Caroline Elkins: Britain Has Said Sorry to the Mau Mau. The Rest of the Empire is Still Waiting.
  • Brendan Simms: The Ghosts of Europe Past
  • Beverly Gage: Somewhere, J. Edgar Hoover Is Smiling
  • Ben Schmidt: The Exaggerated Crisis in the Humanities
  • Peniel E. Joseph: Kennedy’s Finest Moment
  • Norman Birnbaum: JFK’s Presidential Courage—June 10, 1963
  • Martha Bergmark: Remembering Medgar Evers
  • Brook Wilensky-Lanford: Discovering “Little Syria”

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