Week of July 8, 2013

Up Front

Announcing "Revolutionary Moments": A Group Blog
Jack Censer, Bassam K. Haddad, and Peter K. Stearns
With the world once again filled with anticipation and dread of revolution, it is reasonable to examine what our predecessors experienced.
Tags: Arab Spring, Egyptian Revolution, Egypt, revolutions
Edward Shorter: Historians Aren't Intellectually Equipped to Understand Science
Robin Lindley
Most historians neither know nor care about the intricacies of scientific debate.
Tags: Edward Shorter, interviews, medicine, mental health
The Nile of Democracy will Flood Egypt's Jihadists
Walid Phares
Egypt's coup d'état reflected the popular will.
Tags: Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood, Mahmoud Morsi, Egyptian Revolution
How Ian Fleming Masterminded the Invasion of Sicily
Daniel Mandel
The author  tricked the Germans into thinking Sardinia, not Sicily, was the true Allied target.
Tags: espionage, Ian Fleming, Sicily, World War II

News at Home

MLK's Plan to End Gun Violence in Chicago
Simon E. Balto
In 1966, Dr. King challenged street gangs to end the violence and the city of Chicago to end inequality.
Tags: MLK, Chicago, guns, street gangs
America -- The Republic of Nothing?
Gil Troy
The U.S. is more tolerant than ever, but what does America stand for anymore?
Tags: United States, Fourth of July, multiculturalism, unraveling
Shelby Co. v. Holder . . .
Josh Brown's Life During Wartime
Tags: Rick Perry, Texas, secession, Voting Rights Act

News Abroad

The Danger in Egypt is Real
Juan Cole
Even if the coup reflects the will of the majority, it could spark a civil war.
Tags: Egypt, Egyptian Revolution, Arab Spring, Mahmoud Morsi
The Intricacies of Egyptian Coup d'États
Daniel Pipes
Unlike in 1952, the most recent coup is more like Turkey's frequent military putsches.
Tags: Egypt, Egyptian Revolution, Mahmoud Morsi, coups
Still Preparing for Nuclear War
Lawrence S. Wittner
The U.S. government is stuck in the policies of the 1940s when it comes to nuclear weapons.
Tags: nuclear weapons, Cold War, nuclear policy, Barack Obama
Writing About the Military Will Screw with Your Life
Nick Turse
The old Pentagon runaround.
Tags: U.S. Army, journalism, war on terror

Historians & History

OAH Committee on Status of LGBTQ Historians and Histories Issues Statement on DOMA Ruling
"[We recognize] that the Supreme Court's decisions do not change the fact that thirty-seven states do not recognize same-sex marriages."
Tags: OAH Committee on Status of LGBTQ Historians and Histories, LGBT history, LGBT historians, OAH

Culture Watch

Moving New Play on the Rosenbergs and 1950s Atomic Secrets
Bruce Chadwick
Ethel Sings shines a light on the (possibly) innocent victim of the Rosenberg case.
Tags: Cold War, espionage, KGB, Rosenberg case


Review of Allen C. Guelzo's Gettysburg: The Last Invasion
Jim Cullen
Guelzo delivers the goods.
Tags: Allen Guelzo, Civil War, Gettysburg, books

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