Bernard Lane: Andrew Fraser Publishes Contentious Article On Race In Australia

Sydney academic Andrew Fraser is to publish his contentious views on race and culture in a Victorian university law journal only weeks after his own university banned him from teaching.

Professor Fraser, of Macquarie University, said the acceptance of his 6800-word article by the peer-reviewed journal of Deakin University law school vindicated his stand.

The article, Rethinking the White Australia Policy, will appear later this month, and argues that the latest science supports the decision by the founding fathers to preserve Australia as an Anglo-Saxon bastion.

Professor Fraser chides the revisionist historian Keith Windschuttle for being "tender minded" in his recent book on the policy.

Mr Windschuttle defends the policy from accusations of racism but, like its critics on the Left, hetoo refuses to accept the reality of racial difference, Professor Fraser writes.

Starting with a letter to a suburban newspaper about Sudanese immigration, Professor Fraser, who taught public law, has made a series of claims about race, intelligence, crime and social cohesion.

Macquarie vice-chancellor Di Yerbury condemned him for speaking outside his expertise, although she cited threats and safety concerns when suspending him from teaching.he was its legal adviser.

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