Arizona State criticized for paying accused plagiarist Matthew Whitaker over $200 K

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Laurie Roberts is a metro columnist for The Republic/azcentral.com. 

Arizona State University has parted ways with a professor who was twice -- or possibly three times? -- accused of plagiarism.

Academic integrity, after all, must be preserved.

But rather than firing the guy for being basically dishonest -- if, in fact, that's why he had to go -- the university has agreed to accept his resignation …

… in 16 months.

No, really.

Associate Professor Matthew Whitaker has resigned, effective May 17, 2017. Between now and then, he’ll have no authority, no office and presumably, no real job as he’s been ordered to turn in his keys and any other property belonging to ASU. (He’s also resigned as co-director of ASU’s Center for Race and Democracy, effective immediately.) 

But he’ll collect more than $200,000 in pay, plus $25,000 to cover his legal bill and he’ll continue to get health insurance and all other employee benefits.  ...

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