Chinese Historian Fired After Tweeting That Chinese "Lie, Commit Fraud and Poison Each Other”

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Authorities in the southeastern Chinese province of Fujian have fired a university history professor after he hit out at declining moral values in a post on social media.

Zhou Yunzhong was fired from his job as assistant professor of historical at Fujian's Xiamen University on Aug. 1 after making a post to Weibo.com that "distorted Chinese historical reality, harmed the image of the [ruling Chinese Communist] Party and the country [and] hurt the feelings of the Chinese people," the university said in a statement on its website dated Sept. 1.

Zhou's tweet had also "crossed a red line in terms of teachers’ ethics and behavior, and exerted a pernicious influence on society," the statement said.

In the offending tweet under the nickname Donghai Daozi, Zhou said: "The highest achievements of the Chinese people consist of lying, cooking the books and issuing fake contracts."

He added that he wouldn't let his kids eat out, because "Chinese people just love to poison each other." ...

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