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In an attempt to make our content more easily accessible, HNN is now providing an RSS feed. RSS feeds allow users with an RSS reader to centralize a list of their favorite sites. This allows the user to recognize new content at-a-galnce without having to go through the trouble of surfing each site one by one.

If you are interested in downloading an RSS reader, try some of these free popular readers:




Once you have installed an RSS reader, add a new channel and use this link:

If you would like to find other sites that syndicate their content through RSS check out:

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Alvin William Brinson - 2/23/2004

There is a syndication feed on LiveJournal for HNN now, that feeds from this link:

So if you are a livejournal user, add it and get the cost down. A benefit for HNN on this is that instead of each individual user loading the feed from HNN, it only has to be loaded once for all readers of the livejournal feed.

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