Audiobook creators celebrate Bloomsday by recording a 32-hour version of Ulysses

Missed Bloomsday this year? There’s still time to celebrate. In fact, if your whole weekend is free, you can download a new audio version of Ulysses, listen to the entire book, and still have a few hours left for eating and sleeping.

The folks at LibriVox, a group that dedicates itself to “acoustical liberation of books in the public domain,” have completed an ambitious reading of James Joyce’s masterpiece and posted it online in a couple of different formats. They’ve done a nice job of tweaking the often-staid audiobook medium: Scenes taking place in pubs are accompanied by real ambient cross-chatter, for example. And Molly Bloom’s legendary internal monologue, which closes the book, is multitracked — an effect that might offend purists, but one which actually works surprisingly well.

The complete reading runs more than 32 hours, so it’s a significant time investment.

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