Russian historian fears Kosovo Albanians will destroy Orthodox shrines in Macedonia

Kosovo independence threatens shrines of Ohrid Lake in Macedonia, President of the Historical Prospects Foundation Dr. Natalya Narochnitskaya said.

“Illegitimacy always gives raise to dissident trends both in religion and in politics. It (Kosovo – IF) will be a state that claims for the territories of other countries in compliance with the Great Albania doctrine. It’s not a secret,” the historian said in her interview to the Vesti TV channel.

“Why they (Europe and the USA – IF) pretend not to see it? Don’t they know that the Great Albanian idea aims at adjoining 40% of Macedonia and North-Western part of Greece and to make an Ohrid Lake an internal sea of the Albanian nation? While Christian and Orthodox shrines are located there,” Narochnitskaya noted.

Se reminded that it regards to the relics of Sts Naum and Clement who enriched Slavonic alphabet with grammar materials after Sts Cyril and Methodius.

“Who remembers that all Christian shrines in Kosovo were not only plundered and fired, they were desecrated! I saw authenticated photos of altars with excrements, a bulleted icon of Our Lady with inscriptions in black “UCK” and “Peter’s Europe keeps silence.” It’s strange and inexplicable. So short sighted,” the historian said.

He also considered groundless the USA hope that love of Kosovo Albanians ‘will compensate the hatred of Islamic world to the United States.”

According to Narochnitskaya, Albanian extremists initially aimed at occupying a part of territory. ...

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