Not All Are Pleased about Wax Hitler

It's hard to find controversy in a wax museum. But with the Berlin version of Madame Tussauds set to open at the beginning of July, some are not overjoyed by the collection of famous Germans the museum is putting on display. Boris Becker won't raise any eyebrows. Neither will Albert Einstein. But some are questioning the need to put a wax model of Adolf Hitler on display.

Michael Braun, of the center-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU) told the Thursday edition of the Berlin daily Der Tagesspiegel it was "distasteful beyond comparison." Green politician Alice Ströver called the Hitler wax figure "tasteless, disgusting and in bad style," the paper reported Thursday.

Museum organizers have defended the decision, arguing that the Third Reich dictator was an important part of German history. Surveys have shown that a majority of Germans think he should be included.
Katrin Frömsdorf, a spokeswoman for the museum, told SPIEGEL ONLINE, that the context in which Hitler will be exhibited was very carefully chosen. "We took great care that Adolf Hitler was exhibited in an historically correct context," she said. "He is shown during his last days, looking rather dejected and raddled." The museum has not yet released pictures of the Hitler figure saying it is not quite finished.

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