David Irving invited on Celebrity Big Brother

TV production company Endemol, which makes the reality show Celebrity Big Brother, was condemned this week for inviting Holocaust-denier David Irving to take part in the next series.

Mr Irving states on his website that he received a "top secret provisional invitation" in September asking him to take part in series planned to start on January 2. He was told last Friday that he had not made the final selection.

He met producers for 90 minutes at a Kensington hotel on October 7 and wrote on his website: "They seem very keen, pleased that I am so up front, open and uninhibited. Comes easily to me."

He also notes that his teenage daughter advised him against accepting, but he told her he was encouraged by the fact that "financially [the programme makers] have made a killing".

He said he was annoyed at the decision not to take him, saying "the fee would have been nice" wondering "who had put the ‘no' stamp on it".

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