Historian: UK government has "wiped out" history teaching

At the ripe old age of 73, it appears that Sir Roy Strong has lost none of his fighting spirit. The flamboyant art historian – who famously became the youngest National Portrait Gallery Director at age 32 – has launched an impassioned attack on the nation's teaching of history, claiming the Government holds responsibility for fostering ignorance among children.

"This Government in particular has wiped out virtually the teaching of history in schools," he argues. "Children have no idea of whether a reign was before or after Queen Victoria."

Strong, whose comments were made during an interview with Cotswold Life, fears that without improvement, youngsters will lose the ability to question those in authority. "People don't know why we've got Parliament, why we've got the monarchy, why we've got the church.

"If you don't know all those things, how can you, as it were, really understand your own country – or anything at all? If you destroy people's knowledge of the past, you can do anything with them that you like."

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Randll Reese Besch - 12/31/2008

Not just a more limited military based history being taught but also reduction in civics classes too. What you don't know will help those to manipulate you to do things that you otherwise wouldn't do to yourself and others. History is the operations manual we use to help us not to make the same decisions as before. Especially the bad ones.

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