Amanda Girling Budd Stabbed By Thief

Unsigned, The Times (London), 1/05/05

An historian who confronted a burglar at her home was stabbed 19 times, an Old Bailey jury was told yesterday.

Amanda Girling Budd, 48, was working alone at her flat in Hackney, East London, in September when she saw a man on her stairwell. He rushed past her into her flat but Ms Girling Budd confronted him in the hallway."He punched her and then stabbed her 19 times. He then searched the study before leaving the flat and Ms Girling Budd slumped on the floor," said Zoe Johnson, prosecuting.

Ms Girling Budd survived. The blood of the defendant, Thomas Read, was found on her trousers and he left part of the knife behind at the flat, the court heard.

Read, 24, from Walthamstow, East London denies attempted murder.

The case continues.
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