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  • Who Is Common Sense?

    Who the Author of this Production is, is wholly unnecessary to the Public, as the Object for Attention is the Doctrine itself, not the Man. Yet it may not be unnecessary to say, That he is unconnected with any Party, and under no sort of influence public or private, but the influence of reason and principle.

  • Cliopatria Archives 12-3-03 to 12-18-03

    RALPH LUKER: CHECK IT OUT ... 12-18-03 Classical historians may be able to help Eugene Volokh. He's looking for items (products or processes) that satisfy all these criteria: They were unknown to people in ancient Rome circa 150 B.C. They could be manufactured with then-existing technology and then-available raw materials. They would be at least

  • Liberty & Power Archive 11-1-03 to 12-07-03

    ARTHUR SILBER: THE UNITED STATES AS BRUTAL, VIOLENT -- AND HATED -- PARENT, 12-07-03I have argued, as have many others (including Friedrich Hayek, and historian Barbara Tuchman) that the idea of centrally-planned"nation-building" is a delusion doomed to failure, and that history conclusively demonstrates that no

  • Liberty & Power Archive 10-26-03 to 10-31-03

    ARTHUR SILBER: OH, THE INCIVILITY! 10-31-03 A lot of discussion in the blogosphere today about the deplorable lack of civility in modern discourse. All of which put me in mind of certain famous commentators from the past... Some wit from writers of a kind we could sorely use today, to enliven your Friday evening. Oh, and Happy Halloween!

  • Klinghoffer Blog Archive 8-21-03 to 10-23-03

    MORE ON THE FAILURES OF AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE 10-23-03 You know I am not a great admirer of American intelligence. Here are some additional reasons WHY. Posted by Judith at 5:00 P.M. EST "MUSHARRAF'S GOOSE GETTING COOKED?" by B.RAMAN I think this article is worth contemplating: "Oct. 2

  • Liberty & Power Archive 10-01-03 to 10-24-03

    CHRIS MATTHEW SCIABARRA: ISLAMIC RESURGENCE IN SYRIA 10-24-03 Some pro-war advocates would like us to believe that the Western world is at war with this anti-Christian monolith known as Islam. But neither the Western world nor Islam is a monolith. Not even twentieth-century Communism---with its Sino-Soviet conflicts---was a monolith. Because of the lethal opposition between secularist Pan-Arabists and Islamic fundamentalists of various stripes, tribal warfare

  • Liberty & Power Archive 8-18-03 to 9-30-03

    IVAN ELAND: SHORT COMMENT ON"AMERICA'S SPLENDID LITTLE WARS," BY PETER HUCHTHAUSEN, 9-30-03 I recently read"America's Splendid Little Wars: A Short History of U.S. Military Engagements: 1975-2000." The book was authored by Peter Huchthausen and published by Viking in 2003. Although the book gives good concise summaries of the many"little wars" the United States has fought from the Ford through the Clinton administrations, it seems to accept

  • Klinghoffer Blog Archive 4-30-03 to 6-13-03

    Click here for Judith Klinghoffer's latest blog entries.THE SAD STATE OF THE ROADMAP 08-18-03I could not have written this better. Posted by Judith 6:06 p.m. EST DAN PIPES AND PEACE INST

  • Liberty & Power Archives 8-01-03 to 8-17-03

    THE OIL LINE SABOTAGE AND OTHER TROUBLES IN IRAQ 08-17-03 Because many people I respect are bloggers at InstaPundit the Volokh Conspiracy , and Prestopundit, I would be interested in their collective thoughts about the recent setbacks in Iraq, most especially the sabota

  • Liberty & Power Archive 3-05-03 to 7-31-03

    Editor's Note: The Liberty & Power blog initially was run by David Beito. On July 30, 2003 it became a group blog.Click here for the current Liberty & Power blog.THE PROBLEM WITH"IDEOLOGICAL DIVERSITY" 07-31-03 In the wake of the terrible Supreme Court decision approving preferences at the University of Michigan, many conservatives and libertarians have embraced the alternative agenda of"ideological diversity." They re

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  • Pasley Blog Archive 1-1-03 to 3-31-03

    by Jeffrey L. Pasley

    Click here to access the current Pasley blog.Home Truths from Unlikely Sources 03/21/03 11pmGiven the inability of the Democrats and the mainstream "liberal" media to offer the Bush imperium any significant criticism as a foreign capital is leveled -- I notice the Times dutifully refers to "Allied" troops and "coalition" forces as though the whole world was supporting us -- we will have

  • Pasley Blog Archive 11-5-02 to 12-5-02

    by Jeffrey Pasley

    http://hnn.us/articles/913.html 5 December 2002Broder Drubs the ShrubWashington Post columnist David Broder is not an easy man to rile. His picture should be next to"phlegmatic" in the dictionary. He personifies the type of staid, serious-minded veteran reporter type who used to dominate the punditocracy before The McLaughlin group debuted, the cable networks proliferated, and

  • Heineman Blog Archive 12-10-02 to 1-10-03

    Click here to access HNN's Blog Archives. Click here to comment on Mr. Heineman's blog.ALL THAT JAZZ 1-10-03Recently our humble branch campus played host to Kenny Bindas, an historian of American popular music at Kent State and an all-around decent guy. While Kenny’s books have r

  • Heineman Blog Archive 10-13-02 to 12-4-02

    Click here for Mr. Heineman's latest blog entry.DUTY & ENTITLEMENT 12-04-02I recently read a few excerpts from a remarkable new work by author Frank Schaeffer and his son John. Their book, Keeping Faith: A Father-Son Story About Love and the United States Marine Corps, describes how his one son decided to enlist in the Marines after graduating from an upper-middle-class high school. As Frank Schaeffer observes

  • Heineman Blog Archive 8-22-02 to 9-5-02

    Click here for Mr. Heineman's latest blog entry.A FEW GOOD HISTORIANSThe historical profession—its massive membership notwithstanding—is pretty small when the time comes to air each other’s dirty linens. In the 20th century we were concerned with small things like revisionists, deconstructionists, and signing petitions to save Bill Clinton from impeachment. But having entered t