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  • Why Nixon Matters

    by Stanley I. Kutler

    Forty years ago, on August 8, Richard M. Nixon made unprecedented constitutional history when he resigned the presidency amid the disgrace and scandal of Watergate.

  • The Myth of Jewish Passivity

    by Richard Middleton-Kaplan

    The myth that Jews went passively like sheep to slaughter in the Holocaust remains maddeningly persistent. In actuality, voluminous historical documentation attests to the fact that Jews resisted whenever, wherever, and however it was possible.

  • Classroom Lesson Plan: Global Issues Since the Fall of the Wall

    by Deborah Springhorn

    The goal in developing the course, Global Issues Since the Fall of the Wall, is to create an interdisciplinary, common core based course that can be a model for high school teachers to adopt in its entirety or adapt to fit their own curriculum.

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