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  • Database lets Britons find slave-owning ancestors

    A new database launched Wednesday lets Britons curious about their family history uncover some potentially uncomfortable information - whether their ancestors owned slaves.Researchers at University College London spent three years compiling a searchable listing of thousands of people who received compensation for loss of their "possessions" when slave ownership was outlawed by Britain in 1833.About 46,000 people were paid a total of 20 million pounds - the equivalent of 40 percent of all annual government spending at the time - after the freeing of slaves in British colonies in the Caribbean, Mauritius and southern Africa."This is a huge bailout," said Keith McClelland, a research associate on the project. "Relatively speaking, it is bigger than the bailout of the bankers in recent years."Compensation for slave-owners was opposed by some abolitionists, who argued it was immoral, but it was approved as the political price of getting the 1833 abolition bill passed.

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    Click here for Mr. Spencer's latest blog entry.THE DOG IS STILL REFUSING TO BE WAGGED 10-31-02 I'm having an awfully busy day today. It's time for the second"blue book festival" of the year, my parents are coming to visit this weekend, my kids are going trick-or-treating tonight, you name it. Regardless, I feel compelled to comment on some recent events. Bear with me. This may take a bit

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    Click here for Mr. Spencer's latest blog entriesW IN DEEP DOO-DOO 11-07-03 Boy, now W really may be in trouble. Take a look at Public Opinion Watch (PDF version) this week. W is now losing on his signature issue, taxes. Things are not good. Here's the most interesting part:On the economy, the findings are equ

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    Click here for Mr. Spencer's latest blog entriesONLY THE RNC... 10-31-03 could think that Republicans are owed a"right of review" for historical accuracy of a miniseries on the life of the Reagans. No matter how fictionalized parts of it are, I suspect it's much more accurate on the whole than that 9/11 fantasy docudrama tha

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    Click Here for Tom's latest blog entriesTHE GUARDIAN REPORTS... 09-30-03 that I'm right about Karl Rove.Several of the journalists are saying privately, yes it was Karl Rove who I talked to. Now, the thing is that the journalists are not going to name Karl Rove publicly because you don't name your sources, and to do

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    Click here for Tom's latest blog entryKEVIN SAYS 08-31-03I know this is beating a dead horse, but what on earth are the Bushies thinking? They started a war no one else wanted, they treated anyone opposed to the war as virtual traitors to humanity, and they are still insisting that America needs to be 100% in charge of everythin

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    WARMONGERS, ER, WAR BLOGS, DISSENT, AND REASONED DEBATE 9-30-02Jeff Cooper has raised an interesting question in his blog today. He argues that warblogs are no longer a good place to go for reasoned analysis for those of us who have questions about Bush's case for war with Iraq. Jeff writes:As the fall elections draw near, though, and as we move closer to action against Iraq, I find myself reading the warblo

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    Click here for Mr. Spencer's latest blog entry.OFF TO PLANET HOUSTON 11-26-02 As my parting gift to you, I'll give you two links. The first one is a link to the results of a CBS News poll that shows W's re-elect numbers currently stand at only 32%. So, there is still hope my friends. The second thing is this interesting

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    Click here for Mr. Spencer's latest blog entry.HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS! 12-31-02 I wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy New Year. That's it for me today. I've been on a reduced blogging schedule while I'm down here in Arkansas visiting with family. Since I'll be driving back home tomorrow, I won't be blogging again until January 2nd. I really do hope, for all of our sake

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    Click here for Mr. Spencer's latest blog entry.SO MUCH FOR THE SOTU ADDRESS -- W'S NUMBERS KEEP ON FALLING 01-31-03 Get this, according to an, ugh, Fox News poll (via Polling Report), W's approval numbers have dropped since the State of the Union address on Tuesday. So, yes folks, it appears this is one of those rare times that the State of

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    Click here for Mr. Spencer's latest blog entry.FOR THE UMPTEENTH TIME... 04-30-03 what are W and the boys hiding? It's obviously bad enough they think it will jeopardize their chances at re-election, right? To review, I wrote about this almost a year ago. [Link via

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    Click here for Mr. Spencer's latest blog entries.EVEN MORE"FAUX NEWS": THE POTENTIAL TRIUMPH OF RUPERT MURDOCH 05-31-03 Jimm Donnelly's right about this. I haven't said much if anything about it. I've been very busy doing ten different things, traveling, and doing major home projects over th

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    Click here for Mr. Spencer's latest blog entries.DID DON RUMSFELD TAKE ANY U.S. HISTORY IN SCHOOL? 06-30-03 Oh you've got to read this to believe it. Here's what Rumsfeld said in his prepared statement today:As we celebrate our liberty, it's worth taking a moment to reflect on the challenges that our cou

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    Click here to return to Mr. Spencer's current blog.ONE GOOD THING TO COME OUT OF... 07-31-03 this terrorist futures market fiasco is that Poindexter is gone. Boy, you get the idea W and the boys were looking for any excuse to cut him loose, don't you? I've been really busy today. Did I miss anything?Wi

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    SLOUCHING TOWARDS 9/11 -- ANOTHER EXCELLENT OP-ED FROM FRANK RICH 8-31-02 Frank Rich has done it again. He's written another good editorial piece in the New York Times about the lessons of the last year and how we apparently haven't learned them. He also warns us that the media orgy approaching is only helping to desensitize us and distract us from what's important. Rich, once again, make