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    THE TIMES, THE POST, THE BLOGOSPHERE, INBREEDING, AND THE HISTORIANS ... 11-16-03Glenn Reynolds and I read this piece by Jennifer Howard in the Washington Post with the same bemusement. She says we're a little"inbred." Never of us has seen any of the blogs to which she refers and they can deal with

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    Click here to return to Mr. Luker's latest blog entries.AMUSE YOURSELF ... 06-14-03 Amuse yourself at Donald E. Simanek's Museum of Perpetual Devices, thanks to theChronicle of Higher Education. Subscription required. Posted by Ralph at 12:00 EDTFLOOD THE ZONE! ...06-08-03 Put

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    HEYRMAN REDUX ... 09-24-03 Timothy Burke, an assistant professor of history at Swarthmore, has posted on HNN a first rate rejoinder to my critique of Christine Heyrman's Southern Cross. It's so good that I don't understand what is wrong with the folk at Swarthmore. Look at his credentials.

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    THE SUBJUNCTIVE CIVIL WAR ... 10-24-03 After six dozen posts about the Mobile Museum controversy and the Civil War on H-South and several hundred others on HNN, James Miller, a historian at Carleton University in Canada, writes: For every southern historian, fourteen years or older, not once but whenever he or she wants it, there is the instant when no posting on civil war causation, no matter how long the thread, has yet used the word feudalism. The thesaurus o

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    BETRAYING THE DREAM ... 08-27-03 David Garrow's op-ed, "Betraying the Dream," in the Christian Science Monitor argues that our public celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the March on Washington are likely to ignore the fact that we have largely evaded its primary objectives. Posted by Ralph 6:00 p.m. EDT GENE LYONS ... 08-27-03 Tom Spencer's Thinking It Through pu

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    YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP ... 07-26-03 For both of them, a Before and an After seemed inevitable. For both of them, it might have been Before and After they were married, in 1986. He was the alienated son of a Texas oil tycoon who had made his own fortune in banking. She was a beautiful Greek intellectual who came to the United States via London for a career as a writer. His fortune gave her security and she brought him a brilliant, glamorous alliance and gave him two daughters.

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    Click here for Mr. Luker's current blog page.KK ... 06-30-03 Sometimes, nothing but Krispy Kreme will satisfy that need for real comfort. Posted by Ralph 1l:45 p.m. FISKING FRIST ... 06-30-03 Where do you begin on Senate Majority Leader William Frist's

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