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This page features brief excerpts of stories published by the mainstream media and, less frequently, blogs, alternative media, and even obviously biased sources. The excerpts are taken directly from the websites cited in each source note. Quotation marks are not used.

  • Executive Privilege was out of Control Before Steve Bannon Claimed It

    by Timothy Noah

    Perhaps Steve Bannon is doing a favor for the cause of government accountability by showing the outlandishness of the entire doctrine, which has managed to pass from Dwight Eisenhower's strategy for stonewalling Joseph McCarthy to a hallowed totem of the out-of-control presidency.

  • Can Skeletons Have Racial Identity?

    Forensic anthropologists have largely stuck with techniques for assigning geographic ancestry to skeletal remains. Recently, the origins of those techniques in last century's scientific racism have prompted some in the discipline to call for stopping the practice.

  • Jefferson Statue to be Removed from NY City Council Chambers

    "Annette Gordon-Reed, a Harvard Law School professor and a Jefferson expert, objected to the idea of taking down the Jefferson statue, but said that if it were to move to the New-York Historical Society, where she serves as a trustee, it would be a best-case scenario."

  • A Century-Long "Reign of Error" for SCOTUS Typo

    by Adam Liptak

    A typo placed in a preliminary slip opinion was formally corrected, but has been cited at least 14 times in cases concerning property rights, highlighting the problem that the Court's corrections often receive less attention than their announcements.