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    The Republican Party's commitment to equality of opportunity has come under question in recent weeks, particularly its determination to deal effectively with racial segregation. That's lamentable, for there is a laudable story to tell about the modern Republican Party and the efforts of a Republican president to ensure equal opportunity for all Americans. In 1970, seven states — Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina and South Carolina — co

  • Media's Take on the News: 2002

    Fresh evidence that the Biblical plagues and the parting of the Red Sea were natural events rather than myths or miracles is to be presented in a new BBC documentary. Moses, which will be broadcast next month, will suggest that much of the Bible story can be explained by a single natural disaster, a huge volcanic eruption on the Greek island of Santorini in the 16th century BC.Using computer-generated imagery pioneered in Walking With Dinosaurs, the programme tells the

  • Media's Take on the News: 3-12-03 to 4-24-03

    When Mao Tse-tung swam the Yangtze at the age of 73, observers were amazed at the speed he was travelling. He was known for swimming the river but the film footage showed him cutting through the water at remarkable pace for a man of his age. Photos from the same day also raised suspicion as they appeared to show a detached head bobbing on the water.There were enough witnesses to authenticate it was the Chinese leader but there is still debate among historians today

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    This page includes excerpts from media stories about history related to current events. This page is updated constantly. Click here to access the archives. Strom Thurmond's Mercenary Character Strom Thurmond ... Was He Guilty of Rape? Michael Novak: America Is Showing Its Spartan Side

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    Canada Today, as in Slavery Times, Is a Refuge for American Minorities How Mohawk Indian Children Celebrate Thanksgiving Democrats Would Be Foolish to Write Off the South A Bipartisan Lie -- Rewriting History Jimmy's First Novel My How the US Has Cha

  • Media's Take on the News: 10-10-03 to 10-31-03

    Killing for Killing's Sake The Boy Scouts Are in Charge It Will Only Matter that Bush Told Lies If Iraq Turns Out Badly Why Do Liberals Hate George W. Bush? The End of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty Death from Friendly Fire--Again

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    Bob Graham Now Has to Face His Senate Colleagues Americans Are Growing Tolerant of the Idea of Gay Marriage Bush Has His Eye on the Election Calendar: Run! Allow Foreigners to Run for President? California Is Suffering from the Malaise Thing

  • Media's Take on the News 9-2-03 to 9-30-03

    Fred Barnes: Bush Isn't in Trouble On the Differences Between the Marshall Plan and Bush's Plan for Iraq General Clark's Enthusastic Backing for Bush, Cheney and Rice in May 2001 Asia Is Awakening Donald Rumsfeld: Iraq Is Doing Well Compared with Germany in WW II at the S

  • Media's Take on the News: 7-15-03 to 9-02-03

    Condi Rice's Falacious History Hitler's Pope? New Documents Cast that Charge in a New Light Ayodhya: Were Muslims Wrong About It? The British Government Was Wise to Release Its Papers on Iraq So Iraq Is Like Germany? Hillary's I

  • Media's Take on the News 6-2-03 to 7-14-03

    Local Papers: Have They Changed Much? Founding Fathers: Why So Popular Now? Alabama's Revolt Against the Constitution Does the U.S. Need Another MacArthur for Iraq? Do Germans Have a Sense of Humor About Their Nazi Past? Anti-Sodo

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    Click here to reach the current page for Media's Take on the News. What Palestinians Can Learn From a Turning Point in Zionist History Bill Clinton: Presidents Should Get a Chance to Serve 3 Terms Dick Morris on Sidney Blumenthal: A Second Term Is a Terrible Thing to Waste