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Douglas Brinkley says there’s a "smell of treason in the air"

President Donald Trump's first months on the job have been the worst of any president in U.S. history, according to noted historian and presidential biographer Douglas Brinkley.

"This is the most failed first 100 days of any president," Brinkley told the Washington Postearlier this week. "To be as low as he is in the polls, in the 30s, while the FBI director is on television saying they launched an investigation into your ties with Russia, I don't know how it can get much worse."

Indeed, FBI Director James Comey's bombshell about the agency's investigation into the Trump campaign's ties to Russia has even complicated the confirmation hearings for the president's Supreme Court pick. Democrats have been demanding that Judge Neil Gorsuch's confirmation be delayed, given the investigation.

As Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) tweeted:

"There's a smell of treason in the air," Brinkley said. "Imagine if J. Edgar Hoover or any other FBI director would have testified against a sitting president? It would have been a mind-boggling event." ...

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