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History of U.S. Interventions

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John Olerud - 9/7/2010

A study of the Ottoman Empire would fit many of these titles.

Instances of Ottoman Armed Forces Abroad, 1453-1918.

The use of Ottoman military force in a post-Byzantine world.

Islam by force-Ottoman military intervention in Christian Europe.

The Machismo of Sultans

The modern US way of war is not unique in history and would not surprise Sun Tzu at all. He would see the parallels between not only the US and Britain, but the Ottomans as well.

George Robert Gaston - 4/12/2007

You may have overlooked Barry M. Blechman and Stephen S. Kaplan's Force Without War, published by the Brookings Institution in 1978.

It is a fairly complete guide to all us Interventions from Jefferson to Ford. The book was, and still may be, standard fare in places like the War College and the Industrial College of the Armed Forces. I would think it would be valuable for students of the subject to gain an insight into the works that shape political and military elites points of view.

Samantha - 2/20/2003

You are so correct!

Samantha - 2/20/2003

I need to know who found Plimoth (Plymouth) by Friday. Can you please send me an article?!


Ted Andrews - 11/26/2002

I believe there you have spelled Dr. von Hippel's name wrong. I always thought it was "Karin" von Hippel, not "Karen" ...