Kevin R. Kosar: The Anger is Real; the Media Picture Isn't

Roundup: Media's Take

[Kevin R. Kosar is a political scientist in Washington who blogs at www.kevinrkosar.com.]

Sharron Angle's Senate primary victory Tuesday in Nevada was the latest in a string of high-profile tea party movement victories. Last week, the insurgency also helped Nikki Haley finish first in South Carolina's GOP gubernatorial primary.

Tea party voters helped Rand Paul defeat an establishment GOP Senate candidate in Kentucky last month, drove Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter out of GOP primary races, and sank the reelection bid of Utah Republican Sen. Robert Bennett.

According to a Harris poll in late May, the tea party movement is growing in prominence. About 85 percent of Americans have heard of it, and almost 40 percent of Americans say they support it.

Yet, the movement remains little understood by much of the media. Stories tend to focus on the movement's most colorful characters - the folks who dress up in Revolutionary-era garb, the Second Amendment advocates who go to rallies toting guns, and the birthers who insist that President Obama is the tool of international socialist forces. To readers, the message often is: These folks are weird....

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Toni Len - 6/24/2010

Perhaps, if the author pushed aside his biased view he'd admit that many of the supposed racist protestors that attend the tea party rallies and carry anti-obama signs are in fact Larouche Democrats. The media has created a false narrative of the tea party as racists conservatives when in fact Larouche Dems despise Obama more than anyone in the *real* tea party movement.

The tea party has called for limited govt and individual rights and there is nothing 'weird' about it. If you want to focus on weird how about doing a bit of fact finding on the Larouche Dems which are in abundance at tea parties, yet somehow the liberal mainstream media never tends to mention or film them. The msm instead focuses on maintaing the false narrative that the majority of conservative tea partiers(and therefore Republicans) are crazy bigots and loons. How convenient.