Should We Be Worried About Anti-Semitism on the Left?

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Norman Markowitz is an associate professor of history at Rutgers University and sits on the Editorial Board of Political Affairs, which is a journal of Marxist opinion affiliated with the Communist Party, USA.

Virginia, congressman Jim Moran's statement before a church group suggesting that powerful "Jewish" organizations are leading the country to war has produced denunciations from a wide variety of sources--from conservative media which revel in the fact that Moran is regarded as a liberal Democrat to liberal Jewish Democrats who have suggested that Moran, who has issued an apology, not run for re-election. While the incident may seem minor, it brings up a thorny question for historians and students of politics, the role of "left anti-Semitism."

First of all both religious and racist anti-Semitism (the universally accepted term for anti-Jewish prejudice, even though there is no "Semitic race" or nationality, only semitic languages, of which Arabic and Hebrew are the most significant today) have been associated with the political Right in Europe and America in modern history. Court Jews and ghettoized Jewish communities served for centuries as middleman and scapegoats for monarchies and aristocracies in Western and Eastern Europe, serving to deflect popular movements against those elites. Anti-Jewish edicts from the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches go back many centuries and reflect essentially the maintenance of a feudal system where everything had its place-aristocracy and clergy at the top, accepting tribute, and Jews as pariahs at the bottom, filling the cracks in the economy, sometimes as individuals gaining wealth by providing special services or special skills, and as a people never safe in an feudal order than claimed to be unchanging.

For this reason, the "emancipation of the Jews," equal rights for Jews, religious freedom, and cultural pluralism, was taken up by eighteenth and nineteenth century liberals and the main body of socialist movement in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in their struggle against the old regimes. At the same time, those hostile to the liberal revolutions of the late eighteen and nineteenth centuries and threatened by socialism, figures like the French aristocrat, Gobineau, and the Englishman Houston Stewart Chamberlain, became pioneering theorists of racist anti-Semitism, offering a racist restructuring of humanity into hierarchies just as feudal society used religion for that purpose, and now seeing the Jews not only as pariahs but as the source of all revolutionary disturbances and capitalist exploitation.

One of Hitler's early speeches, " Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin," is a perfect expression of this irrationality, which first surface ed in right-wing mass politics in France in the political fallout from the Dreyfus Case in the 1890s and became a fixture of right-wing mass politics in the interwar period, with the German Nazis becoming the murderous expression of these ideas and the model for anti-Semitic fascist and reactionary mass organizations throughout the world, including some like the Christian Front, the Silvershirts, and of course, the German American Bund in the United States.

But, there was another tradition of anti-Semitism, which in Germany took the form of anti-Marxist "Christian socialism," which condemned capitalism as "unchristian" and often advocated populist reforms, but focused on Jews as the source of capitalism's exploitation, condemning all Jews for the actions of powerful Jewish families like the Rothschilds who were separated from their Christian fellow capitalists and seen as representing "Jewish interests." A prominent leader of the German Social Democratic party, August Bebel, called this kind of thinking "the socialism of fools" in that it abandoned a rational critique of a system to join the right-wingers in attacking a minority group because of the wealth of a small group of its members.

In Eastern Europe also, various nationalist movements, which sometimes identified themselves with radical economic and social policies, often separated themselves from Marxists and socialists by making anti-Semitic appeals. Joseph Pilsudski, a founder of the Polish Socialist party in the 1890s and later the nationalist military strongman of the new Polish state in the 1920s and 1930s, is an example of this, although the anti-Semitic regimes in Hungary and Rumania after WWI were clearly regimes of the right.

In the United States, the targets of "the socialism of fools" were mostly blacks not Jews, and here it makes sense to call the phenomenon "the populism of fools," as Southern demagogues appealed to the poor whites with both attacks on the rich and crude racist appeals, sometimes, as in the case of Hoke Smith of Georgia, combining calls for progressive reform with the incitement of race riots. Tom Watson, the former Georgia populist leader combined both anti-black racism and anti-Semitism in his attacks on black rights and his agitation against Leo Frank, the Jewish factory supervisor lynched in Atlanta for the rape of a white factory worker, which he did not commit.

After World War I, Henry Ford, one of the world's great industrialists, published and publicized in the United States the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, a bizarre fiction of secret meetings of diabolical Jews to establish a grand design to rule the world. Used earlier by Czarist agents in Russia, this work, which today reads like a gothic horror tale (although it is still widely disseminated in Arabic speaking countries) was spread widely after WWI by those who initially sought to link it to the Russian revolution. Before WWII, right-wing isolationists, including such prominent figures as Charles Lindbergh linked "the Jews" with the British Empire and the Roosevelt administration as conspiring to lead the U.S. into war against Nazi Germany at the behest of British aristocrats, Russian Bolsheviks and Jewish interests-an irrationality which Hitler would have understood..

World War II resulted in the extermination of two-thirds of the Jewish people of Europe, roughly a third of the Jewish people of the world. The defeat of fascism and the collapse of colonialism undermined all forms of racism, including anti-Jewish racism or anti-Semitism. The postwar formation of Israel, I would argue, was a consequence rather than a cause of this. The genocide carried out against Jews greatly expanded Jewish support for the Zionist movement in British colonial Palestine, and the collapse of colonialism made such a state, along with many other new nations, possible.

While the U.S. recognized Israel, it supported an arms embargo that hurt the new state's chances for survival. Actually, a Communist led coalition government in Czechoslovakia was Israel's most important arms suppler in its war of independence, and the "Arab Legion" of what became Jordan, under the command of Sir Malcolm Glubb, its most important enemy. Although the Soviets launched massive and bloody "anti-Zionist" purges, connecting Israel and in practice Soviet Jewry with American imperialism, U.S. governments in the 1950s and 1960s preferred to support the oil producing Gulf States and keep Israel at arms length until the aftermath of the Six Day War in 1967; in the Arab Israeli wars of 1956 and 1967, France was Israel's most important arms supplier.

While a sort of "populist anti-Semitism" erupted among radical black nationalists in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s, who sought to gain political power for themselves by deflecting the hostility of the African-American poor against institutional racism unto visible individual Jewish American landlords and shopkeepers, this expression of "left anti-Semitism" was by no means organized or powerful among the great majority of African-Americans or other minority groups, who have remained more likely to support Jewish candidates for public office than the general white population, just as Jewish-Americans have been far more likely to support African-American and other minority candidates for political office than their fellow whites in the general population. The Mass media in the Unite States however, have emphasized every expression of anti-Jewish prejudice from blacks for a generation, giving the hardly representative black Muslim leader Louis Farakhan a great deal of exposure as a "voice of black anti-Semitism," demeaning both African Americans and Jewish Americans, historic victims of and fighters against racism, in the process.

The rise to power of George W. Bush and Ariel Sharon has brought with it a new situation, creating, along with the September 11 attacks the most potentially dangerous rise of anti-Semitism on the world scene since the 1930s. While some Jewish supporters of Israel are crying wolf about this phenomenon, in order to connect criticism of the government of Israel and anti-Zionism generally with anti-Semitism, which is both wrong and makes the situation worse, the rise of anti-Semitism is a real and dangerous phenomenon.

Just as Israelis forgot that Sharon provoked the crisis that led to the suicide bombings when they elected him and his rightist supporters to power and devastated the peace process, so Americans have in large numbers forgotten that Al Qaeda was an unintended consequence of the Reagan/Bush war in Afghanistan.

Historically, the most powerful argument of the Zionist movement among Jews was that Jews, as middlemen, would be caught in the middle in great political crises, scapegoated by all sides. But the identification of Israel as a country with U.S. foreign policy in the region, becoming a military middleman for that policy, recreates the condition that the Zionist movement came into existence to overcome, namely a ghettoized regional hated garrison state, rather than ghettoized scapegoated communities.

The overwhelming majority of the world's Jewish people, whatever sympathies they have for Israel as a nation, have no desire to settle and make their lives in that nation as against continuing to be integrated parts of the societies in which they live, overcoming the prejudices that exist against them in those societies by advancing broad principles of religious freedom, cultural pluralism, and ethnic tolerance, with which Jewish communities have long identified throughout the developed world.

For Israel, the only realistic solution is to be integrated positively into the Middle East and to use the skills of its population to help to develop the region positively, accepting a Palestinian state and, I would contend, working with and through the United Nations to establish a practical policy to raise the living standards of the long marginalized Palestinian people. Jewish Americans and Jewish people through the world could proudly identify with such an Israel, just as Americans could proudly identify with a United States government that addressed and used its power to redress the economic and social inequalities that produce conflict and war, rather than exacerbating them.

Fighting for such policies--and fighting against an anti-Semitism that identifies Jewish people everywhere with the brutal policies of Sharon and the denial of rights to Palestinians and against an anti-Americanism which identifies the American people with the "Manifest Destiny"-like proclamations of the Bush administration and its attempts to bomb its opponents into submission--is the only way to sustain the gains made by Jewish people globally after the defeat of Hitler. It is also the only way to regain the respect and admiration that the United States as a country had through the world in the Roosevelt years as a bastion of great wealth and a supporter of economic and social justice for the people of the world.

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abu afak - 5/8/2005

""....This year we have seen things escalate to the point of war. What happened this time? On September 28, 2000 Ariel Sharon made a visit to the temple mount, and this visit was approved by the PA security service director, Jibril Rajoub.
The only stipulation was Mr. Sharon was not to enter the Muslim mosque, which he of course would not do, nor was he to cause any demonstration. He had every right to visit the temple mount, and he had Palestinian approval. While there may have been some heckling and shoving, there was no serious violence during Sharon’s visit.

Now on the 27th of September, students of various ages were told that classes would be canceled on the 28th and were encouraged to go to Jerusalem to "Defend the Al Aqsa mosque." Then, by September 29th, at a sermon given at the Al Aqsa mosque, the many worshipers were told that the Jews were going to destroy the mosque to make way for a new Jewish temple. The Muslims were encouraged to "Eradicate the Jews from Palestine." So as these Muslims came streaming out of the mosque, they began throwing rocks and bricks, that were transported up to the temple mount earlier, and they were hitting the Jews who were praying down below, at the Western Wall.

Thus, to try and stop a potentially lethal stone throwing by these Palestinians, the Israeli police stepped in, and the uprising began and continues to go on, with many being killed or injured. Now you can’t blame the Jews for trying to stop this, we would hold the police accountable in this country if they did nothing!

The cry by the Palestinians was that this was a spontaneous action due to the persecution of the Palestinians by the Jews. Not so! Charles Sennott of the Boston Globe, from October 7, 2000 wrote:

"A senior Palestinian official acknowledged that yesterday’s protest was orchestrated. The rock throwing youths...quit the protest quickly after a request to do so by the same Palestinian official who encouraged them to demonstrate...After the [Sabbath mosque] service, Israeli police had a normal presence around the mosque and appeared to be showing restraint. But hundreds of Palestinian youths - at the direct encouragement of Faisal Husseini, the Palestinian Authority’s Minister for Jerusalem Affairs - began throwing rocks on Israeli police near the plaza of the Western Wall...The cycle was in motion... All day, rock throwers - referred to in Arabic as ‘shebab,’ or ‘the boys’- - were provided with wheelbarrows full of rocks that came from inside the Al Aqsa compound."

The Washington Post reported that "There is evidence to support the claim by Israelis that the Palestinian leadership has orchestrated the militia, as well as civilians and armed Palestinian police, in the rioting." And yet, the western media tends to play the Palestinians as David, fighting against the big, mean, evil giant, Goliath, Israel. Nothing can be further from the truth!

And all of this was born out of a failure of the Camp David II meetings where Barak was encouraged by President Clinton to give up the Jordan Valley, which is a buffer zone between Israel and the Arab tank armies to the east. He gave Arafat control of the old city of Jerusalem, he gave away a united Jerusalem. He gave away 90% of the west bank and Arafat rejected all these offers that Barak put on the table, the temple mount and a return to the pre-1967 Jerusalem boarders... ""

abu afak - 4/8/2005

"""Just as Israelis forgot that Sharon provoked the crisis that led to the suicide bombings when they elected him and his rightist supporters to power and devastated the peace process, so Americans have in large numbers forgotten that Al Qaeda was an unintended consequence of the Reagan/Bush war in Afghanistan.."

First, you Mix what you infer what was an intended consequence, Sharon's "Provocation" with America's "Unintended" one.. mixing illogically two sepoarate things.. while as a leftist still getting in a cheap shot at America with the Inapt comparison [anyway].

Sharon was elected 4 months AFTER the intifada and as a Direct result of it.

He did visit the Temple Mount, but this was no excuse for a 4 month Riot After, or the 4+ Year Intifada afterwords.

In fact her had Permission from the Palestinians for the visit, and as everyone now knows that 'reason' was totally falacious as is most of the article above.
(Much reading on this this .. I suggest for openers.. 'The Settlement Myth".. Originally in Boston Globe.. now here: http://www.israelinsider.com/views/articles/views_0056.htm
Revisionism is really despicable.. especially after when Manipulating such Recent History to try and make a wrong point.

Reply welcome but not expected.

abu afak

Diana Robertsfors&cooperated Comrade B. BENULIC - 1/9/2004

A Saga on the Prisoners who systematically abused in the SvekJa Kingdom


- Prisoners abus

Birgitta LAPPEWALLIN - 1/6/2004

OPEN LETTER to the top-representatives/PMs of GREEN PARTY SWEDEN: DOUBLE MISSON ALERT under "Green mask&abuse such democratical instutional illusions", many members of thus Miljöpartiet were been corrupted and they systematically working for USraeli aims; STOP them, please!.. STOP them for instance Yvonne RUWAIDA steal money directly from state cash support sources and shared with ARC's propaganda-chief Stig WALLIN and Kurdish neo-Zion traitor Jabar AMIN still manipulate the institutions only for ARC's benefits...much more kinky affairs, ongoing...here is the SAGA-FORMATED OPEN LETTER, full coverage attached

collected poems / Terese Rajaniemi - 1/3/2004

Protest Poetry: Volume: Laponian Heroes like Paulus UTSI etc...

Laponian Protest Poetry: poet-filosof Paulus UTSI

deras verk
den vite mannens fotspår är som/
brännande eld/
han kom med hård makt/
slet sönder renens land/
tog och förde bort naturens egendom/
med sin lärdom bedrog han naturmänniskan/
stiftade lagar som gjorde samerna maktlösa/
deras verk vittnar om det/

Paulus Utsi

»Solange wir Wasser haben, wo Fische leben/
Solange wir Land haben, wo Rens weiden und wandern/
Solange wir Grund und Boden haben, wo sich Wild verbirgt/
haben wir Trost auf dieser Welt«/
(Paulus Utsi, in Schwaar 1994: 29)

As long as
As long as we have water, where fish swim
As long as we have lands, where reindeer graze and wander
As long as we have grounds, where wild animals hide
Then we have consolation on this earth
When our homes have been destroyed and our lands devastated
-where will we live?
Our lands, our livelyhood have dwindled
the lakes have risen
the rivers have run dry
the streams sing with sorrowful voises
the lands blacken, verdure wilts
the birds become silent and flee
All the good things we have received
do not touch our hearts
That which should have made our lives easier
has become worthless
Hard stone roads make our
movements painful
The peace in the people of the wilderness
cries in their hearts
In the rush of time
our blood is thinned
our unison shattered
water ceases to roar
Poem by the Saami, Paulus Utsi
Translated by: Margaret Rainey

Anti-Zionist Laponian Terese RAJANIEMI tales:
when I met the Swedish/ etiquetted/ Jewish boss dominations
daily redacteurs/
main staff so-called journalists/ simply detected/

under construction/
** Marinus KUTSI

Anti-Zionist Laponian Terese RAJANIEMI tales:

Bella Morian - 1/2/2004

Inspirational tv documentary clips on the dismissed workers/poetrical formated thoughts of the oppressed peoples:

** "Coalizional Crowds" around Swedish
dressed clan/
"utrikesshurkister horan"/ Anna Lindh, extra "Fynd"/ driven
only by the league of Danderyd/
ceremonies ongoing, 'cause "Show must go on!"/
like a bloody parade of system/
contemporary circus/
SosisZioni Imperialist profiteers/
get the cheapest chance/
watch the fake sadness of crowds/
inspirational tv documentary clips/
on the dismissed workers/
poetrical formated thoughts of the oppressed peoples/
don't miss to testimony the historical scenes/
rally to lie, rally to spread Jewish propaganda/
tradition of Bonniers, Wallenberg machines...
Christer Pedersen

fr LIVING HISTORY: Concentration process memoaries / JobZentrum Vårberg'nbelsen
Ghetto, Skaerholm-Stockholm, there the intellectuals eliminated by the Zionist
Imperialism&Jewish chiefs and system's collaborated lapdogs

first episode:
the tongues promise a new epoch/ but we testimonied the cemented brains

second episode:
Kofi Annan celebrates/ United Nonsense festival/ at United
Nations circus
third drop, then folk calls over/
hello there/
shurk mister, his minister/
what does celebration of new year mean/
if massmurderer Human Butcher/
same shurk, same cruel bastard Sharon/
docka looks like little different coloured, Annan/
...and all the top chiefs around of human blood/
vad does Schutzpach mean/
as long as massacres ongoing/
like a process/
at first Human Butcher rules/
at last Kofi puppet certifies?


Urho Lapplander

fr LIVING HISTORY: Concentration process memoaries / JobZentrum Vårberg'nbelsen
Ghetto, Skaerholm-Stockholm, there the intellectuals eliminated by the Zionist
Imperialism&Jewish chiefs and system's collaborated lapdogs

exploitation of Anna LINDH looks like the theatral shows/ around

ceremonies around Anna Lindh, look like J. F. Kennedy, Olof Palme cases/
did you witness/
massmedial shurks/
tv commentaries/
the first 100 examples/
100% procent Jews
most clever to manipulate/
flexible foxies experienced on such cases/
eager to manipulate/
lie machines at work/
hate process ongoing/
all the classes of communities/
forces against each other/
all over the world/
freakness on the scen/
traditionally zionist play/

Magdalena Wierup

fr LIVING HISTORY: Concentration process memoaries / JobZentrum Vårberg'nbelsen
Ghetto, Skaerholm-Stockholm, there the intellectuals eliminated by the Zionist
Imperialism&Jewish chiefs and system's collaborated lapdogs


heja, mest eftertryckta, hej på dig/
detta väckte civil-courage tankar inom mig/ efteråt skrev jag Lappland's/
näst minst satiristiska dikten för dig...


peka på direkt/
bedragaren Pet/
den giriga/
plundringsligornas/ pestsmittad leende Pet/
fega fett/
ljuger mest/

som utestänger/
mest hedervärda kritiker/
storskallig fet/
pet Pet/
som alltid står bakom/
sina sionherrarnas svans
Sharon's bastarder/
lika fega som G.rån modell fett/
det är det/
visa med pekfingret/
säg sakens namn rätt/
petsionens valp kallas Pet


Unne Schamansson
fr LIVING HISTORY: Concentration process memoaries / JobZentrum Vårberg'nbelsen
Ghetto, Skaerholm-Stockholm, there the intellectuals eliminated by the Zionist
Imperialism&Jewish chiefs and system's collaborated lapdogs

leende anställda av judiska ondskan/
motstrider humanistiska önskan/

om detta/
må vittnena berätta/
för tystnar vi/
då riskerar dominerande/
språkrör bli kvar/
i herrens tjänst att propagera/
betyder mänskligheten tystas/
då kommer att/
fienden höras/
då kan historien upprepas/
då kan judiska kapitalets våldet/
åter triumfera/
sugen att massakrera/
liksom hänt i Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden, Berlin, Hanoi, My Lai, Belgrad,
Qabul, Jenin, Shatila, Qana, Sabra, /
och med mera, flera/
glöm inte de modiga hjältarna/
F 16 används mot försvarlösa/
judar mossad små barnen, flickorna/
avrätttas under paletter av pansar, stridsvagnarna/
medan Bonniers medien, dess valpar drogar världen/
kommer nya Sharonibastarder på secenen/
känd att vara brutala/
slaktas vidare tusentals tappra/
vardera Che Guevara/
många flera andra/
varje levande minnet/
upfyller önskan/
varje glömt namn/
är en seger för ondskan

tell ye' your children/
now and then/ smash elimination processen!...
Arbetssökande Lättluradefolketsson

fr LIVING HISTORY: Concentration process memoaries / JobZentrum Vårberg'nbelsen
Ghetto, Skaerholm-Stockholm, there the intellectuals eliminated by the Zionist
Imperialism&Jewish chiefs and system's collaborated lapdogs


many ministers were been massacred in Afghanistan/
Vietnam, Irak, Chechenia, Somalia, Balkan/
nobody talked on them, if they were human/
then high society used snake-tongue on the Human Rights/
but first today we hear a puppet scared/
from her own kinky front/
USrael's satellite Sweden's whore/
chocked all the puppets how it should so easy/
danger was on these creatures, too/
if they like or not...


al these shurks/
who never accepted the Human Rights/
of others/
should no have a rigt/
to talk on the humanity/
if they like or not/
if these very strong or not/
anybody should explain/
the voice of Zionist Imperialism/
isn't worthy for us/
than my Grandfather's donkeys' fart...


Aasne Seiersted's exman

fr LIVING HISTORY: Concentration process memoaries / JobZentrum Vårberg'nbelsen
Ghetto, Skaerholm-Stockholm, there the intellectuals eliminated by the Zionist
Imperialism&Jewish chiefs and system's collaborated lapdogs


*** condolences to the people/
who had trouble by judaized oligarchie/
who really been plundered victims/
betrayed so deeply unfair/ under minister jurist Anna Lindh&Co.

** jag var redan färdig med examen/
då du kanske börjat juridiska linjen/
som inte ens klarat uttala "convension"/
blandade ihop typiskt evangeliska sion/
medan mina översättningar nådde i fem språk/
lästes som skolläxa av Céline Dion/
kortfattad, världsberömd publikation/
men vilken horaktig tur, ofattbart/
du och andra mästarfifflar fått allt/
jag drabbades utanförskap, tvingades att/
lämna arbetsansökan, praktisera förgäves o sådant/


förtryckta samhällsklasser/
inte idioter/
tiden går, tiden kommer/
man vaknar, bevittnar vad som händer/
schakaler gynnar schakaler/

som svansar varandra, lika fega skurkar/
kunnat inte fatta mina förväntningar/
vad ni krävt intygades med pärmar/
så kallades "arbetsansökningar"/
hamnat bara i era papperskorgar/
då ditt gäng annonserat för en kontorist/
när det gällt mitt namn, visade sig lurigt/
vad borde jag säga då, bara fint/


du är gående/
vi är kvarleende


Olle Greenwall
fr LIVING HISTORY: Concentration process memoaries / JobZentrum Vårberg'nbelsen
Ghetto, Skaerholm-Stockholm, there the intellectuals eliminated by the Zionist
Imperialism&Jewish chiefs and system's collaborated lapdogs

*** condolences continue/ to the true
victims/ but the nonsense of overclass

** my all the roses/
only to the braveheart man/
who been scared whole life/
and therefore scared regime's chief/


when he been scared so cruel/
nobody heard him/
då hördes inte/
when he forced back/
all the overclass members/
and iits staff cried/
what a wonderful circus!..


han som slutat att tystas, utan röstat/
på sitt sätt straffat/
en av nonsense horor av systemet/
som tvingades att göra endast den/
att bli räknad, visa existensen/
en fom av röst, slå tillbaka den/
sionismens marionetten/
vad som hon förtjänat verkligen/

** kondoleansen/
till den/
modiga mannen/
som offrat/


Alter Amnesty

fr LIVING HISTORY: Concentration process memoaries / JobZentrum Vårberg'nbelsen
Ghetto, Skaerholm-Stockholm, there the intellectuals eliminated by the Zionist
Imperialism&Jewish chiefs and system's collaborated lapdogs



only we/ oppressed people cried until this moment/
high classed crocodiles didn't heard/ any sound/ just first
their member been scared/ the crowds had no any idea/
until this moment/

** we never been heard/
because the masses almost been droged/
now cries the hypocrite Anna Lindh's clan members/
we say; "Listen to them;/
listen and understand how they master shurks/
and see their true faces!"..

imperial of/
machine's rat/
minister Anna/
hah, ha!

even whores havd/
only one heart/
can shakes/
and stop/
to fawn on/
hah, ha!


Lars Bengtsson

fr LIVING HISTORY: Concentration process memoaries / JobZentrum Vårberg'nbelsen
Ghetto, Skaerholm-Stockholm, there the intellectuals eliminated by the Zionist
Imperialism&Jewish chiefs and system's collaborated lapdogs

** although you was been labelled "minister"/
never responsed to high qualificied/
out of her close clan members/
collaborated lapdogs/


this is one of usually application forms/
definitely last one/
result will not difference/
because you had no reflect before/
living creatur for all such cases


Birgitta Dahlqvist

fr LIVING HISTORY: Concentration process memoaries / JobZentrum Vårberg'nbelsen
Ghetto, Skaerholm-Stockholm, there the intellectuals eliminated by the Zionist
Imperialism&Jewish chiefs and system's collaborated lapdogs


** system's "Catch Lady"/ been used even/
after her death/ in fact/ if this braveheart man should
after lapdog Anna Lindh comes jackal Laila Freivalds/
this greedy embezzler sitting now/ at the top freakness of foreign
definitely he should avoid/
spend his golden time/
he never should cleansing/
at first this female marionette


Ewa Carlberg
Ewa Carlberg@yahoo.com

fr LIVING HISTORY: Concentration process memoaries / JobZentrum Vårberg'nbelsen
Ghetto, Skaerholm-Stockholm, there the intellectuals eliminated by the Zionist
Imperialism&Jewish chiefs and system's collaborated lapdogs


** you was my colleague/
because you just began/
when I successfully examined at law faculty/
everyone remembers how incredible lowest was your capacity/ on the juridical
you never succeed pronounce for instance "constitutional"/
blended with evangelian zional/
well, your clan exposed it's traditional/
like a joke you get the higher job, at last at the foreign affairs/ without
qualification but dominational/
like a kind of virus, your lobby saved you characteristical/
and you gave opportunities to your collaborated lapdogs/
behind the sosis capitalist mask and glamorous conferences on justice, moral/
well, we had one common point, similarly tittles, "jurist"/
but it's a fake destiny, only overclass/
and the boss of thus dirty mechanism, a lot of Jewish ass/
plundered people's wealth, all the official possibilities/
meanwhile I been discriminated and betrayed/
since 15 year not a single job chance, like the slaves/
no any answer on my all the letters/
although many criminal recruitmens/
I can say here many names, fake immigrants/ who never had true diplom
nor exams/
placed at administrative sections around you/
I hadn't get any single chance for an inteview/
and you never replied my gentle applications/
therefore I have nothing to left with this last letter/
no reply, as usually; but this time I am sure/
nothing difference for me, you lived or not lived/
but you was very foxy, lied to the peoples/
foreign affairs, means you betrayed whole world/
when your administration needed a simply male secretary/
I sent another letter to be an ordinary staff, refuseed/
a staff showed, my coverages were directly thwroven in the garbage can/
like your true fascist fathers, you showed what you can/
since so many years I been handled like a "citizen Zero"/
you smiled and gone like an over creatur/
now I imitate you/
you are dying/
I am smiling


Jobless Jurist

fr LIVING HISTORY: Concentration process memoaries / JobZentrum Vårberg'nbelsen
Ghetto, Skaerholm-Stockholm, there the intellectuals eliminated by the Zionist
Imperialism&Jewish chiefs and system's collaborated lapdogs


Working Class witnessed a new version of/
crocodile tears of directorial team/ at the last propaganda funeral/
a bite performed circus/
of system's ministerial instrument/
called Anna LIND insetad A-class BLIND

look at all these shurks/
at the first line sitting the Jewish shurks/
for use opportunities/
manipulate funeral, too/
therefore they "holy person" declared puppet minister/
after premier G.rån Petsion/ USrael's staff Heliga Birgitta Heijer who
massacred Estonia 852 passangers/
and now we witness another one Holy Petsion, Anna Lindh/
both bulldogs and lapdogs/
all the around of Bonniers-brain washing machine/
been common on same screenpaly/
in this stinky theatre


Cecilia Lund


fr LIVING HISTORY: Concentration process memoaries / JobZentrum Vårberg'nbelsen
Ghetto, Skaerholm-Stockholm, there the intellectuals eliminated by the Zionist
Imperialism&Jewish chiefs and system's collaborated lapdogs


...instead of the crowds/
we send our best wishes/ to the hundreds of thousands jobless/
dismissed workers/
oppressed minorities/
true asylumseekers/
registrated revoutionaries/
honoured intellectuals

Anna Lindh was/
to the real equality/
contemporary human values like work rights/

because she was/
never by the side/
of the oppressed people, outraged working class/

Anna Lindh was/
an academician who hated other academicians/
who not choosen by the financial dominance/
showed ignorance/
when a lot of discriminated/
registrated intellectuals/
forced to go jobless/
well-masked ongoing troubles/
typical, this shurk marionette too was/
a member of Evangelian Zionist intolerance

we have nothing to win if such foreigners coming to the scen/
and we have nothing now to left when such cloakrats cleansing from the scen...

~500 000 registrated/regime critics/independent intellectuals/anti-Imperialist
individuals of Working Class

Bella Morian non_slavery@Laponia.org
fr LIVING HISTORY: Concentration process memoaries / JobZentrum
Ghetto, Skaerholm-Stockholm, there the intellectuals eliminated by the Zionist
Imperialism&Jewish chiefs and system's collaborated lapdogs


no, it's not true/
there are no connex such leagues/
beyond Anna Lindh assasination/
look at the backstage/
very clear/
there is no true evidence/
on the zionist lobbies/
without a trace this time/
they are not the beyond this case/
but front


Brian Lindberg
fr LIVING HISTORY: Concentration process memoaries / JobZentrum
Ghetto, Skaerholm-Stockholm, there the intellectuals eliminated by the Zionist
Imperialism&Jewish chiefs and system's collaborated lapdogs


** nowadays every rats/
introduce himself a kind of doctor, instead of kinky ass/

many oppressed people/
became suicide/
they counted for "zero citizens"/
nobody talks on their situation/
is it moral level in a healthy community/
nobody asks...


but when you react against imperialism/
instead of kill yourself/
so all these execution staff, rats/
all kind of megaphoines/
crying all together/
labelling you "psyho"/


what we witnessed in SvekJa Kingdom/
one of them oppressed heroes/
used self-defence right/
reacted a bite hard/
against the system/
what a ministerial masked whore represented/
at least, action man succeed to be héard/
otherway, it's not imported now/
the droged masses find this reaction not so fanny/
or massmedial shurks caricaturize him so worst/
se the reality, it's a fact/
a man reacted/
a man who belong to the biggest army of the world:
betrayed peoples/


result is important. not the numeric of monkeys/
in fact/ jobless man ended a film/
a scenario which regissed/
by a group the financial lobbies and puppets/
like Evangelian Zion Church member Anna Lindh/
gone with the autumn wind/

we all the oppressed people/
have a taste now/
to go to the cemetary/
and piss off on the gravestones/
of all the such glamorous chiefs/
the rats will collect there and smell it...


Martin Wendel
fr LIVING HISTORY: Concentration process memoaries / JobZentrum Vårberg'nbelsen
Ghetto, Skaerholm-Stockholm, there the intellectuals eliminated by the Zionist
Imperialism&Jewish chiefs and system's collaborated lapdogs

LOOKS LIKE a bite FAMILIAR TradiZional/ AFFAIRS but completely
neo-liberal/ just advanced internal/ more than classical
** it's clear in the beginning like all
classical scenes/ Swedish Foreign minister Anna Lindh was been murdered/
when her officially husband Bo Holmberg was/
"Landshövding", like a kind of Gouvernor, in Södermanland/
who obligatory moved to capitol city Stockholm/
but spended time in Solna district/ there are adult entertaintments/ instead
of mourning on the fake relation/
plus amusement, there was a football match/
means police forced about hooligans, ID control/
then find a suspicious, Bonniers pointed him an 35-years old instrument/
well-known Svensson but was not Svinsion nor Petsion/
ho lala, poor Per Ola, Mijailo MIJAILOVIC, alternative like bonbons/
losers on all fields in the system, fit all of the kinky scenarios/
"absolute figure", according to the Jewish massmedial machine/
he was punished by this propaganda mechanism long time ago/
Lindh been a new popular version, fit to such figures/
droged masses repeat what Tel Aviv pumped/ but Ola Svensson's only wrong,
he clapped for same team/ on the same side of Bo Holmberg, Anna's fake
husband/ during this clap-hunting period/ wrong time, wrong
restaurant, wrong teams all the against one/
both Bo and Ola couldn't understand/
what happened/
until the morning 17 September 2003/
remember, Absolute Vodka is Swedish product/ plus ecstasy trafficking is
free under such luxury games/ staff explained what does this razzia mean/
same staff did same operation last year,/
just same place, in Solna against the several brothels/
one of them runs already by a Mammele, Inga-lill Holmberg/
a retired Komvux teacher/
"komvux" means adult school/
yes, at least this new center in Solna server for adult hobbies/
like the Jew controlled weapon markets/
neoliberal pedophilia, animal sex/
and underground casino sects/
screenplays aren't so much different by/ bourgeoisie's encounter pitchs/
like different face of these bitchs/ Djurgården, Hammarby team shows/
as long as high society battle around such dirty profits/
"Bordellmamma Inga-lill" is member to same Evangelian Zionist clan/
calls Holmberg, Wallenberg, Assberg, Sillberg, Horaberg/ talmudian chain of
all robbery kindbergs/ after three days of Lindh's death, the massacred
Balkan got an extra smack/ Nadina Imamovic deported/ to be blind there/
nobody heard cries/ media was busy in chaos/ meantime another one Holmberg
used this bloody case/ Barbro Holmberg been placed as Migration Minister/
such jackals dominate Scandinavia, nowadays/
allowed since Swedish zion-bastard Kings/
never mind, I don't try to create any connex/
nobody needs such effort, 'cause/ there are plenty of living evidences
in daily life/
both directors, actors and vice maitress/ all of type of the system's
stinky ass/ around us/ a kind of family affairs/
well, hardy and bloody sometimes/
otherway nothing else...
Bosse Hermansson
fr LIVING HISTORY: Concentration process memoaries / JobZentrum
Ghetto, Skaerholm-Stockholm, there the intellectuals eliminated by the Zionist
Imperialism&Jewish chiefs and system's collaborated lapdogs

if system sucks/
the blood of children/
of working class/
traditionally freakness/
we accept that/
like the normal attitude.../


it's today's paradox/
when al these oppressed/
people began response/
then massmedial shurks cry on all the world/
they forget on Anna Lindh case, too/
our voice wasn't so strong/
but our hands are the important pieces of working power/
it's not joke, at least/
Swedish Evangelian Zionist minister Anna learned/
our hands are very strong/


cloakrats created this system, not we/
they left no space such feelings/
no mercy!..

Linda Carlsson

fr LIVING HISTORY: Concentration process memoaries / JobZentrum Vårberg'nbelsen
Ghetto, Skaerholm-Stockholm, there the intellectuals eliminated by the Zionist
Imperialism&Jewish chiefs and system's collaborated lapdogs


Protest poetry collected by CBN staff...

International Socialists united, struggle all together against the Zionist Imperialism!..


Solidarity regards fr 94494 Jaevrebyn in the northern EU's occupied Palestine; colonized Laponia

Ty Enright - 12/16/2003

Chomsky has been an anti-zionist since he was old enough to articulate this, and denied anyhing about himself that might be called Jewish except his parentage. Chomsky's distaste for Judaism and Israel (where 40% of world Jewry dwells) is open, so yes, he is an anti-semite... Chomsky is a marxist of the first water, and all marxists hate their bourgeois roots and their parents, at least all the marxists I've known and lived with.

They are after all the ones willing to destroy the class and peoples from which they spring, by "purge" if necessary. The further left or right one's politics the more necessary hate becomes, and the more anti-semites we find. Self murder, but acted out in the need to blot out one's own people becomes a necessary part of the pathology.

Woody Allen's self loathing as a Jew has also been obvious these many years, whether or not he made money for being a "Neurotic Jew", almost singlehandedly inventing this archtype... He doesn't have to be a bigot to be a self loathing semite, and anti-zionist and anti-Israel.

Just because there are Jews who would destroy Israel, who would destroy Jewry as anything other than an emasculated impotent sniveling and abject group of soujourners in other nation's lands, does not mean that they are not anti-semites... The most vicious anti-semites have always included Jews... And the Satmarer and Naturei Karta ultra Orthodox sects are so antagonistic to their fellow Jews that they also fall into this category.

Being a Jew is no different to being Black, it means having always to carry the dislike, contempt and hate others have for you, and not knowing who hates you for what you are or were born. When this is the case, it is nothing strange that some Jews (and some blacks), loath this stigma upon themsleves so much, are so angry at being alienated from being just part of the ordinary mainstream majority, from just being people, that they develop the most intense loathing for their people, their roots... and themselves.. they become the most dreadful of bigots and racists, hating the "stain" within themselves...

Emanuele Ottolenghi - 11/29/2003

Originally in The Guardian - website / source at end.

Anti-Zionism is anti-semitism
Behind much criticism of Israel
is a thinly veiled hatred of Jews
by Emanuele Ottolenghi
Saturday November 29, 2003
The Guardian [UK]

Is there a link between the way Israel's case is presented and anti-semitism? Israel's advocates protest that behind criticisms of Israel there sometimes lurks a more sinister agenda, dangerously bordering on anti-semitism. Critics vehemently disagree. In their view, public attacks on Israel are neither misplaced nor the source of anti-Jewish sentiment: Israel's behaviour is reprehensible and so are those Jews who defend it.
Jewish defenders of Israel are then depicted by their critics as seeking an excuse to justify Israel, projecting Jewish paranoia and displaying a "typical" Jewish trait of "sticking together", even in defending the morally indefensible. Israel's advocates deserve the hostility they get, the argument goes; it is they who should engage in soul-searching.

There is no doubt that recent anti-semitism is linked to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. And it is equally without doubt that Israeli policies sometimes deserve criticism. There is nothing wrong, or even remotely anti-semitic, in disapproving of Israeli policies. Nevertheless, this debate - with its insistence that there is a distinction between anti-semitism and anti-Zionism - misses the crucial point of contention. Israel's advocates do not want to gag critics by brandishing the bogeyman of anti-semitism: rather, they are concerned about the form the criticism takes.

If Israel's critics are truly opposed to anti-semitism, they should not repeat traditional anti-semitic themes under the anti-Israel banner. When such themes - the Jewish conspiracy to rule the world, linking Jews with money and media, the hooked-nose stingy Jew, the blood libel, disparaging use of Jewish symbols, or traditional Christian anti-Jewish imagery - are used to describe Israel's actions, concern should be voiced. Labour MP Tam Dalyell decried the influence of "a Jewish cabal" on British foreign policy-making; an Italian cartoonist last year depicted the Israeli siege of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem as an attempt to kill Jesus "again". Is it necessary to evoke the Jewish conspiracy or depict Israelis as Christ-killers to denounce Israeli policies?

The fact that accusations of anti-semitism are dismissed as paranoia, even when anti-semitic imagery is at work, is a subterfuge. Israel deserves to be judged by the same standards adopted for others, not by the standards of utopia. Singling out Israel for an impossibly high standard not applied to any other country begs the question: why such different treatment?

Despite piqued disclaimers, some of Israel's critics use anti-semitic stereotypes. In fact, their disclaimers frequently offer a mask of respectability to otherwise socially unacceptable anti-semitism. Many equate Israel to Nazism, claiming that "yesterday's victims are today's perpetrators": last year, Louis de Bernières wrote in the Independent that "Israel has been adopting tactics which are reminiscent of the Nazis". This equation between victims and murderers denies the Holocaust. Worse still, it provides its retroactive justification: if Jews turned out to be so evil, perhaps they deserved what they got. Others speak of Zionist conspiracies to dominate the media, manipulate American foreign policy, rule the world and oppress the Arabs. By describing Israel as the root of all evil, they provide the linguistic mandate and the moral justification to destroy it. And by using anti-semitic instruments to achieve this goal, they give away their true anti-semitic face.

There is of course the open question of whether this applies to anti-Zionism. It is one thing to object to the consequences of Zionism, to suggest that the historical cost of its realisation was too high, or to claim that Jews are better off as a scattered, stateless minority. This is a serious argument, based on interests, moral claims, and an interpretation of history. But this is not anti-Zionism. To oppose Zionism in its essence and to refuse to accept its political offspring, Israel, as a legitimate entity, entails more. Zionism comprises a belief that Jews are a nation, and as such are entitled to self-determination as all other nations are.

It could be suggested that nationalism is a pernicious force. In which case one should oppose Palestinian nationalism as well. It could even be argued that though both claims are true and noble, it would have been better to pursue Jewish national rights elsewhere. But negating Zionism, by claiming that Zionism equals racism, goes further and denies the Jews the right to identify, understand and imagine themselves - and consequently behave as - a nation. Anti-Zionists deny Jews a right that they all too readily bestow on others, first of all Palestinians.

Were you outraged when Golda Meir claimed there were no Palestinians? You should be equally outraged at the insinuation that Jews are not a nation. Those who denounce Zionism sometimes explain Israel's policies as a product of its Jewish essence. In their view, not only should Israel act differently, it should cease being a Jewish state. Anti-Zionists are prepared to treat Jews equally and fight anti-semitic prejudice only if Jews give up their distinctiveness as a nation: Jews as a nation deserve no sympathy and no rights, Jews as individuals are worthy of both. Supporters of this view love Jews, but not when Jews assert their national rights. Jews condemning Israel and rejecting Zionism earn their praise. Denouncing Israel becomes a passport to full integration. Noam Chomsky and his imitators are the new heroes, their Jewish pride and identity expressed solely through their shame for Israel's existence. Zionist Jews earn no respect, sympathy or protection. It is their expression of Jewish identity through identification with Israel that is under attack.

The argument that it is Israel's behaviour, and Jewish support for it, that invite prejudice sounds hollow at best and sinister at worst. That argument means that sympathy for Jews is conditional on the political views they espouse. This is hardly an expression of tolerance. It singles Jews out. It is anti-semitism.

Zionism reversed Jewish historical passivity to persecution and asserted the Jewish right to self-determination and independent survival. This is why anti-Zionists see it as a perversion of Jewish humanism. Zionism entails the difficulty of dealing with sometimes impossible moral dilemmas, which traditional Jewish passivity in the wake of historical persecution had never faced. By negating Zionism, the anti-semite is arguing that the Jew must always be the victim, for victims do no wrong and deserve our sympathy and support.

Israel errs like all other nations: it is normal. What anti-Zionists find so obscene is that Israel is neither martyr nor saint. Their outrage refuses legitimacy to a people's national liberation movement. Israel's stubborn refusal to comply with the invitation to commit national suicide and thereby regain a supposedly lost moral ground draws condemnation. Jews now have the right to self-determination, and that is what the anti-semite dislikes so much.

· Emanuele Ottolenghi is the Leone Ginzburg Fellow in Israel Studies at the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies and the Middle East Centre at St Antony's College, Oxford



Arieh Lebowitz - 11/29/2003

Item making the rounds online and in other forms, followed by the response I sent to the friend who forwarded it to me [below the tildes (~~~)]. Please let me add that I am not in total agreement with every point she makes - but with enough of them to share this for others to read and think about - and share with others. [A final note: Political Affairs, as noted, is the major house organ of the Communist Party, USA, and has been for a long time. As such, it has been the place where virtually every excess or anti-progressive act of the Soviet Union or its allies, including anti-Semitism, was rationalized away or swept under the cover, for decades and decades. For this and many other reasons, during the last months of the Soviet Union, more than 2/3 of the membership of the Communist Party, USA, resigned en-masse, many of them forming another group called the Committees of Correspondence. I am not now nor have I ever been a member of this group, but their website - and their ideas - are worth examing. See website: http://www.cofc.org/

And please forward this as appropriate. Thanks
>> Arieh Lebowitz AriehNYC@prodigy.net -- see below:
Lilly R wrote:

Many of you have probably seen this piece by Chesler. Even a friend in Australia sent it to me. It means that it is being circulated extensively, hence, I hesitated whether to send it to my list, however, I finally decided that since Anti-semitism is alive and well we have to be informed where it is coming from, what the politics are behind it, so we can find ways to
confront it.


The Brownshirts of Our Time
By Phyllis Chesler
FrontPageMagazine.com | November 19, 2003

On Saturday evening, November 8, 2003, the eve of Kristallnacht, I addressed a woman's "networking" conference of mainly African-American and Hispanic-American womanists and feminists at Barnard College. The conference was described as a grassroots, multi-cultural, multi-generational and multi-disciplinary organization for women in the arts. Indeed, the women
seemed to range in age from 20-65 and were dressed in corporate business suits, ever-colorful African/ethnic attire, youthful jeans.

Booths were arranged in a semi-circle -- it was as if the panels and performances were taking place in an African marketplace. Scented candles, beaded drums, sleek handbags, photographs, Citi-banking for women consultants, African skirts, all vied for my attention. In addition to my son, who had driven me there, and myself, there were a handful of white people, including a photographer from whom I bought two prints and a psychologist who identified herself to me as an admirer and as someone who had suffered a brain injury in an car accident.

The conference was closed to men--but one of the organizers made a split second decision to allow my adult son in and seated him by himself at the very back of the room on a chair set apart. Growing up in a feminist household, he was used to this. Privately, we both sighed and wondered when feminist men would finally be welcome at a feminist conference.

I doubt that the organizers of this conference knew anything of my background but they were more than welcoming. They had real class and great soul. For example, when I'd explained that I was just in the midst of both a major move into Manhattan and a book tour, one organizer said: "We understand what it's like when a woman is jammed up doing too much. We'll love you anyway. You can let us know at the last minute." She was so damn upbeat and understanding that I decided I'd come no matter what.

In retrospect, I realized that I should have known what was coming; perhaps I chose not to know.

A few days before the conference I had the following conversation with one of the organizers. She asked me what my most recent book was and I told her it was The New Anti-Semitism. I explained that Jew-hatred was a form of racism -- only it was not being treated as such by anti-racist "politically correct" people. The organizer did not say: "I don't agree with you" nor did she say: "This won't play well to our constituency." She only said: "We need you to explain the ways in which women sabotage each other and remain divided so that we can understand and overcome it in order to come together. We need you to talk about your book Woman's Inhumanity to Woman. Your speech will precede our big Unity panel."

When I arrived, performers were rapping and singing and dancing and the energy was fabulous. They were running late and I waited patiently and happily. I whispered to my son: "There's still a whole world out there. And in ways, it's quite wonderful. Perhaps I have become too obsessed with The Jewish Cause, with Israel. Maybe I need to remember that I am also connected
to more than one issue."

I had been asked to talk about what women can do, psychologically and ethically, in order to enact sisterhood and to work in productive, even radical ways. As I spoke, the women in the audience sighed, cheered, applauded, nodded in agreement, laughed, groaned, nudged each other -- it was a half hour of good vibes.

And then my first questioner blew it all to Hell. All it took was The Question and it only required one Questioner. I could not see who was speaking. A disembodied voice demanded to know where I stood on the question of the women of Palestine. Her tone was forceful, hostile, relentless, and prepared. I could have said: "The organizers have specifically asked me not to address such questions." I did not say that. I could also have said: "I am concerned with the women of Palestine but I am also concerned with the women of Rwanda, Bosnia, Guatemala, who have all been gang-raped by soldiers who used rape as a weapon of war; I am concerned with the poverty and homelessness of women right here in America; I am concerned with the women of Israel who are being blown up in buses, at cafes, in their own bedrooms." I did not say this.

Instead, I took a deep breath and said that I did not respect people who hijacked airplanes or hijacked conferences or who, at this very moment, were trying to hijack this lecture. I pointed out that the subject of my talk was not Israel or Palestine. I did not want us to lose our focus. She grew even more hostile and demanding. "Tell this audience what you said on WBAI. I heard you on that program." Clearly, she wanted to "unmask" me before this audience as a Jew-lover and an Israel-defender.

I took the question head-on. "If you're really asking about apartheid, let me talk about it. Contrary to myth and propaganda, Israel is not an apartheid state. The largest practioner of apartheid in the world is Islam which practices both gender and religious apartheid. In terms of gender apartheid, Palestinian women -- and all women who live under Islam -- are oppressed by "honor" killings, in which girls and women who are raped are then killed by family members for the sake of restoring the family "honor;" forced veiling, segregation, stonings to death for alleged adultery, seclusion/sequestration, female genital mutilation, polygamy, outright slavery, sexual slavery. Women have few civil, legal, or human rights under Islam."

I continued; "Islam also specializes in religious apartheid as well. All non-Muslims (Christians, including Maronites and Melkites, Greek Orthodox, Catholics and Protestants, Jews, Assyrians, Hindus, Zoroastrians, animists) have historically been viewed and treated as subhumans who must either convert to Islam or be mercilessly taxed, beaten, jailed, murdered, or exiled. The latest al-Queda attack in Saudi Arabia was primarily directed against Lebanese Christians and Americans."

I continued. "Today, the entire Middle East is judenrein, there are no Jews left in 22 Arab countries. And, the Arab leadership has backed the PLO strategy in which the 23rd state remains under constant and perilous siege. Historically in general, but specifically since 1948-1956, Arab Jews were forced to flee Arab Islamic lands. Most are living in Israel, the only Middle Eastern state in which Jews are allowed to live. Jews cannot become citizens of Jordan, Egypt, or Saudi Arabia, for example and yet no one accuses those nations of apartheid.

I said that Israel was not an apartheid state. I talked about real gender and religious Apartheid, as practiced by Muslims. I told the truth. Clearly, they had not heard it before. The audience collectively gasped. Then, people went a little crazy.

Someone muttered darkly, coarsely, in a near-growl: "What about the checkpoints? What about the fence?" As if checkpoints and fences are the same as being killed by your brother or father or, most recently, in Ramallah, in the Rofayda Qaoud case, by your mother (!) for the crime of having been raped--in the Qaoud case, both raped and impregnated by your mother's two sons. I asked the audience if they thought that being detained at a checkpoint was really the same as having your clitoris sliced off, the same as being stoned to death for alleged adultery. The only response I got was from the first questioner who demanded that I denounce Ariel Sharon -- but not Yasir Arafat -- as a murderer.

I absolutely refused to do so.

The lightning rod of "Palestine" was enough to turn a very friendly audience quite hostile and a bit unhinged. Two or three women proceeded to ask aggressive questions in which they tried to get me to say that I had somehow "disrespected" poor women in my remarks; I had said nothing of the sort.

As I left the podium, a young African-American woman stopped me to say that I'd "hurt" her by how I had "disrespected" a "brown" woman. "What brown woman?" I asked. "Your first questioner was a brown woman" she said "and so are Palestinian women." I said: "Jewish women, especially in Israel also come in many colors including brown and black." She stopped me. "But you're
a white Jew." As if this was proof of a crime.

I did not bother to tell her that without my glasses I could not see the face or color of a questioner so far away, that my answer to the question would have been the same no matter what color the questioner happened to be.

As I was trying to leave, one woman, who said her name was "Lupe," (she was dressed in a button-festooned serape, and had a cross tattooed between her eyebrows) loped after me and continued to demand that I deal with the Palestine question. She kept trying to get at me physically. One of the organizers kept putting her own body between Lupe and me. Lupe behaved like a trained operative, her rage was legitimized, empowered, by her politics.

The three young African-American women who had invited me were VERY supportive of me, they hugged me and thanked me for coming and looked rather embarrassed about what had happened.

What's important is this: Not one of them tried to stop what was happening, not one stood up and said: "Something good has just turned ugly and we must not permit this to happen." Thus, the "good" people did nothing to disperse the hostility or to address the issues. Perhaps they were simply unprepared on the issues; perhaps they agreed with the view that Israel is an apartheid state and that anyone who would dare defend it was supposed to be treated as a traitor and enemy. Perhaps they simply lacked the courage to stand up to the fundamentalists in their midst.

Afterwards, my son told me that he was on his feet the minute The Questioner spoke and although I could not see him either, I was glad to know that he was in the room. Things could easily have turned much uglier. (By the way: Talk about gender apartheid! The conference confined him to his men-only single chair section).

It seemed that The Questioner had at least one, and possibly two henchwoman with her. Clearly, she wanted to "get" the pro-Israel white Jew.

I couldn't help reflecting on my life's work against racism. For example, in 1963, I joined The Northern Student Movement and tutored Harlem students. This was the Northern branch of the civil rights movement. In the late 1960s, I was involved with both the Young Lords and the Black Panthers. I marched outside the Women's House of Detention when they jailed Angela Davis. I was involved in the Inez Garcia case and have written extensively about the cases of both Joanne Little and Yvonne Wanrow, two women of color who, like Garcia, had killed (white) men in self-defense. In the mid-70s, I interviewed Jews from India, Iran, Afghanistan, and North Africa, and Jews who had fled Arab lands about "cultural" or "ethnic" racism in Israel. By the early 1970s, I also began organizing against Jew-hatred on the left and among feminists in America. Over the years, I have lectured on the complexities of both racism and sexism in the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, and in Japan.

For nearly 30 years, I taught working-class and students of color at a public university. I admired and loved them and was sometimes able to help them in ways that changed their views and their lives.

Here's what's sad. Clearly, my speech touched hearts and minds; there was room for common ground and for civilized discourse. But not once the word "Palestine" was uttered, not when "Palestine" is seen as a symbol for every downtrodden group of color who are "resisting" the racist-imperialist American and Zionist Empires. Once the "Palestine" litmus test of political respectability was raised, everyone responded on cue, as if programmed and brainwashed. It immediately became a "white" versus "brown" thing, an "oppressed" versus an "oppressor" thing.

These are the Brownshirts of our time. The fact that they are women of color, womanists/feminists is all the more chilling and tragic. And unbelievable. And to me: Practically unbearable.

Afterwards, my son, ever-wise, said: "Well mom, you have your answer. The Jew-haters will never allow you into their wider, wonderful world. You can't go back."

Iff-l mailing list



Thanks for the item by Phyllis Chesler, from the Israel Feminist Forum-List [ http://list.haifa.ac.il/mailman/listinfo/iff-l ]. I've no doubt that it is making the internet hum a little louder, as well as copiers from Australia to Chelsea work a little harder. But that the item appeared in Frontpage magazine, which is for the most part composed of former leftists [virtually all "new" leftists of the 1960s and 70s, most notably David Horowitz] who trash the left of 2003, makes the article a touch suspect at worst or problematic at best. If a conservative is sometimes described as a liberal who has been mugged, what can one think of a radical feminist who has, more than once in the past few years, been mugged by politically correct feminists?
I have no doubt of the accuracy of what Chesler describes in her article vis-a-vis the conference. But she is a bit too sweeping - there ARE [albeit few] Jews in Arab countries, from Morocco to Egypt, and even a few in Iraq and Lebanon.
And this kidnapping of such conferences by people who are what one can only called pathologically obsessed with Palestine [good] and Israel [bad] is not a new phenomenon: you know as well as I that this has been happening off and non for two decades, that is, 20 years.
What IS new is that there are an increasing number of people - such as Chesler, and you probably know others - who have been "mugged" by the feminist left so many times, that they are as mad as hell, and won't take it any more. Chesler is not alone. One thinks of Oriana Fallaci - see, for instance, "Salon.com Books | Oriana Fallaci declares war on radical Islam," ...Oriana Fallaci declares war on radical Islam ... Yes, the Italian journalist's new book is peppered with prejudice. ... http://www.salon.com/books/feature/2002/11/16/fallaci/ or The Rage of Oriana Fallaci ... In Italy, a booklet titled "Islam Punishes Oriana Fallaci," written by the president of the Italian Islamic Party, called for Muslims to "go and die with ...
http://www.nyobserver.com/pages/story.asp?ID=6881 and there are others.

Yes, anti-Semitism is alive and well -- sometimes in the guise of anti-Zionism or in the guise of criticism of Israel -- and we have to be informed where it is coming from, what the politics are behind it, so we can find ways to confront it.
My question to you -- and to the other people on your list [please share my response with them!] -- is a simple one: What is to be done? By whom? Is it helpful to reach out to and share insights with and even work with "mainstream" Jewish groups grappling with the issue of anti-Semitism on the political and cultural and feminist left [again, sometimes in the guise of anti-Zionism or in the guise of criticism of Israel]? [FYI, groups ranging from the American Jewish Committee to the Jewish Council for Public Affairs has this matter on their agendas.]

You might want to take a look at the article, "O Havruta O Mituta" "Give Me Friendship Or Give Me Death" (Talmud Taanit, 23a) HOW TO STRENGTHEN THE PALESTINE SOLIDARITY MOVEMENT BY MAKING FRIENDS WITH JEWS, by Guy Izhak Austrian and Ella Goldman ," which has some interesting points in this regard. [Find it at: http://www.jfjfp.org/backgroundU/austrian_goldman.htm ] I'd add the items in their reference list: Michael Lerner's The Socialism of Fools: Anti-Semitism on the Left, and Elly Bulkin, Minnie Bruce Pratt, and Barbara Smith, Yours in Struggle: Three Feminist Perspectives on Anti-Semitism and Racism. Also worth looking at is: Steve Cohen's Funny You Don’t Look Anti-Semitic: An anti-racist analysis of left anti-semitism, Beyond the Pale Collective, Leeds, 1984. And there is more.

Keep in touch. >> Arieh

U. Shapir - 8/25/2003

Statements like:
"Just as Israelis forgot that Sharon provoked the crisis that led to the suicide bombings"
".. Al Qaeda was an unintended consequence of the Reagan/Bush war in Afghanistan."
Completely discredit this analysis.

A. Sharon did NOT provoke the suicide bombing. It has started in 1996 when the Prime minister was Rabin. Sharon visit of the Temple mount (which is under Israeli control) was the excuse for the latest 'Intefada', not the reason. At that time, the Israeli prime minister, Ehud Barak was the most 'dovish' Israeli Prime minister ever!!
B. Al Qaeda represents a substantial Arab/Muslim thinking and sentiments. This is not an accidental movement. Many people (perhaps hundreds of millions) support and adore Al Qaeda & Bin Laden. To describe it as a fluke of American policy shows a lot about the writer's agenda.

Big Bob - 5/5/2003

But Chomsky is Jewish... can he still be an anti-semite? Should I now consider Woody Allen a bigot? Just wondering.

Stephen Rifkin - 3/26/2003

I see. The real point of the article is the last two paragraphs and the rest is filler to gain street cred; "Oh I don't hate Israel, see how I've detailed the history of antisemitism?"

I get it.

You the conclusion is tha same one that Marx had in his famous essay "The Jewish Question". His solution to the problem of antisemtism, as is the one proffered here is to erase Judaism and completely assimilate.

Other than everything, I wonder what else the author expects the Je......errr I mean Zio....ummm Israelis to do?

Dustin Adam Stein - 3/25/2003

It is well-documented that the Intifada was planned months before Arafat even came to Camp David to talk with President Clinton and then Prime Minister Ehud Barak. Somehow this fact is eclipsed in this evaluation of the current state of Israeli politics. There was no counter-proposal from the Palestinian side after the rejection of Barak's offer and the bombings started almost immediately after Barak and Arafat returns. But Markowitz thinks this is a result of the Sharon government, but the Sharon government was not in power it was Labor and Barak. The "brutal policy" of Sharon? Another thing I am stumped on, no examples or even ancedotes are given to support this. Sharon is in the midst of trying to protect innocent civilians riding buses and trying to eat pizza and he is the brutal one?

Josh Pollack - 3/25/2003

Markowitz loses sight of the real irruption of antisemitism in the contemporary left. It's not taking place not in black America so much as in the anti-globalization and anti-war protest movement. It's fed not by Farrakhan or Sharpton so much as characters like Chomsky and Said.

don kates - 3/24/2003

Prof. M. writes: "For Israel, the only realistic solution is to be integrated positively into the Middle East and to use the skills of its population to help to develop the region positively, accepting a Palestinian state and, I would contend, working with and through the United Nations to establish a practical policy to raise the living standards of the long marginalized Palestinian people."

One could consider this "realistic" only be forgetting that a large proportion of Israel's population descend from hundreds of thousands of Jews expelled in 1948-50 from other Middle Eastern nations (after the expropriation of their property). Equally to be forgotten is that Muslim terrorism is directed against Jews simply because they are Jews even though they have no link to Israel. Thus France now has hundreds of attacks on synagogues and individual Jews each month; and synagogues in Algeria, etc. are blown up.

Neither Muslim governments nor individual Muslims are open to Jews being "positively integrated" into the Middle East unless graveyards count. The Muslim slogan "drive the Jews into the sea" is not a poertic metaphor.

Bill Heuisler - 3/24/2003

Professor Markowitz,
Ignoring Soviet pogroms and Black anti-semitism in search of a rationale for World Social Integration is a bizarre stretch.

But, since you teach history, your political myopia must be intentional. Too bad. A gifted writer like you wasting his time in face-saving propaganda is worse than Picasso selling sketches on the street corner. Your command of the language is superb, but your motives seem wildly chimerical to me, and your modern history is obviously sorely afflicted by avid sectarianism.

You write that after WWII, "The defeat of fascism and the collapse of colonialism undermined all forms of racism, including anti-Jewish racism or anti-Semitism." Oh? And Stalin?
Have you forgotten that Marx was Jewish? That Bronstein, Rosenfeld and Sobelsohm were early Bolshevic stalwarts and the party was literally crammed with young Jewish firebrands.
What happened to all those Jews, professor?

Ten words evidently encompass your knowledge: "Although the Soviets launched massive and bloody "anti-Zionist" purges..."
Right. But you - an historian - really know the truth, don't you?
Stalin was rabidly anti-semitic. One of his first political acts was to denounce Trotsky (Lev Bronstein). Stalin purged the party and the Soviet Union of Jews like Hitler did Germany. But this genocidal atrocity only rates a few of your many words? Why?

Is this the delicacy of a self-professed Marxist professor? But disinterested observers might wonder at his affinity for a creed so steeped in the blood of Jews. Karl Marx had to be a Marxist, but why would modern Jews embrace the dogma of murderers?

To preserve some ragged Leftist myth, you write of Blacks:
"...this expression of "left anti-Semitism" was by no means organized or powerful among the great majority of African-Americans..." Where have you been? Malcolm Little, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have been outspokenly anti-semitic as are a majority of ward-leaders in our major Eastern cities.
You are obviously, outrageously wrong. Is this deliberate?

If Trotsky, Kamenev and Radek were Jews killed by Stalin, why are their deaths unimportant? If premises are false, how can anyone believe the conclusion?
Bill Heuisler