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USS Liberty: Was It Attacked Deliberately?



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Stephen Kislock - 6/22/2007

mr. mutick, I do not know what you are, other than a very sick man, that can not face the Truth!

I have seen that other than "jew hater", you are at a loss for any and all Arguments.

Are you waiting for the rapture to rescue you from the Truth?

Joseph Mutik - 6/7/2007

The USS Liberty event is one of the worst cases of anti-Jewish hatred in the U.S. history. The fact that the USA said that during the 6 days (actually 7) war didn't have any ships in the area should be enough to give the Israelis the benefit of the doubt but not for the Jews. USA can spy on Israel as much as USA wants. I am sure the crew of USS liberty signed non disclosure agreements with the NSA but when Jews are involved it doesn't matter.
This brings to mind the Jonathan Pollard case. He spied for Israel and he got a harsher sentence than Ames or Hanson who cause the death of agents working for the USA.
The USS Liberty and Jonathan Pollard stories are two of the worst case of anti-Jewish hatred.
Bottom line USA can spy on Israel but when a Jew spies for Israel he is going to be smashed.